Have you contributed your knowledge to Wikipedia?

Have you contributed your knowledge to Wikipedia?

  • Yes, extensively.
  • Yes, a little.
  • No.
  • ? What’s Wiki ?

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Have you contributed your knowledge to Wikipedia?

Wiki is waaaaay smarter than me. :wink: I voted no.


Wiki is waaaaay smarter than bobpine, so I voted no too.

[quote=“Dr_Zoidberg”]Wiki is waaaaay smarter than bobpine, so I voted no, too.[/quote]I know you are a Decapodian and I bet few people here know that. :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw some errors on Wiki in areas I know about, like oracle bones and the evolution of Chinese characters, and wanted to get into improving the pages, but I was a bit shy about it, never having done it before.

Dragonbones - if you’re hesitant about getting involved try proposing a change first on the relevant article’s ‘talk page’. If no-one objects after a week or so, change the main article. If they do object, then argue it through. IMO it’s this process of collaboration which is one of the strongest assets of Wikipedia.

Good luck and be sure to point me to the articles you have worked on!


I should, but I haven’t.

I voted for “what’s Wiki.” I thought it was jsut a bad online encyclopedia, but then DB talked about “contributing” to it so now I’m not so sure. So is it some kind of blog, or what?
Pretty much the only time I read about it, it’s when someone gets slagged off for citing it as a reference to anything, so I’ve never actually looked at it.

It’s an online encyclopedia that literally anyone can contribute to (hence the bitching about it). Personally I think it is very useful - it’s an excellent first stop for information about just about anything (or anyone).

Try picking an obscure topic you feel you’re pretty knowledgeable on and looking it up (i.e. type 'wiki ’ into Google and it’ll be your first hit), and seeing how good/bad a job it does. Then click on ‘edit this page’ to see exactly how easy it is for anyone to alter the page.

It’s obviously not as authoritative as e.g. Encyclopedia Britannica, but it’s got a shedload more information and is usually pretty good.

Wiki is currently the biggest encylopedia on planet earth. If it continues like this, then it will before too long be the biggest single source of knowledge mankind has ever known.

It has more entries than Encyclopedia Britannica, and the overall quality of the entries is comparable to said British encyclopedia.

Interesting. So why do people get hassled when they cite it in a discussion? :s

I should take a look at it, but seeing as how I already know everything there is to know, I don’t really see the point.

Interesting. So why do people get hassled when they cite it in a discussion? :s[/quote]

People get hassled because it can be tampered with. However, the whole project has a gyroscopic effect, especially on popular articles, because there is a constant stream of people reading, checking and updating articles, so any bias is usually corrected fairly quickly.

Now if you were an altruist, you could go on Wikipedia and share this with the world - wouldn’t that feel good? On the other hand, then everyone would know as much as you and you would lose your uniqueness.

Decisions, decisions… :smiley:

I knew that.

There can only be one sandman. Whether that is a good thing I shall leave to the Wikisages.

I voted Yes, a little. Tried to edit each

Most forumosans should no more contribute to wikipedia than they should contribute to a sperm bank, yourself excluded of course. :homer:

I bet Sandman didn’t know this… Check out the last entry…hehe… :laughing:


Edit: Nevermind, it’s been edited already.

Wait to sandman reads this

Forumosa has mods from many different cuntries. Why, Yes! Even Scotland!

Wiki is good for obvious facts (that you may have forgotten). I use it primarily for dates and terminology. Even that must be taken with a grain of salt.

Cuz the Internet is one serious clusterfugg…

[quote]I use it primarily for dates [/quote]Now please tell me how in heck do you get a date with the wiki??? :noway: Man! You must be the nerd of nerds.(Not that there’s anything wrong with being a nerd)