Have you ever bought anything off shopee.tw?

I’ve been noticing recently how misleading some of the Shopee vouchers are:

This is only “10% off” up to NT$50, which is typically below the minimum limit needed for a seller to bother with an order, then it’s just NT$5 off irrespective of the order value. This would be more accurately described as “NT$5 off”.

These are only “12% off” and “10% off” at the minimum spend, where you’ve already reached the cap, and the percentage discount decreases with increasing order value from there.

This is never 8% off. You can’t use the voucher until you reach an order value of NT$1399, at which point 8% would be 112 coins. But the cap means you’re only getting 100 coins, or 7.1%, and the percentage decreases with increasing order value from there.


Yeah, I decided to just completely ignore these fake vouchers of Shopee


Ruten have similar vouchers and they have never, ever applied no matter who I order from. They say that it’s basically for specific stores/products but I suspect they are products that nobody ever buys.


I use them fairly often (on Shopee).

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Continuing on this. In the end, two months later, Shopee agreed to reimburse and put money in my wallet. The thing is tho, I don’t need the items anymore and now I have money in a wallet and nothing to buy.

So, real cash money changed into virtual money somewhere in the cloud.

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You just need to add a bank account to withdraw the money. It was no problem at all when I did it.

Suggest buying some Costco 代購 stuff.

It was labeled as super fierce material and the description said message them if the item title isn’t clear :sob: