Have you ever done a three-way? (Conference Call Question)

You can go to to FreeConference.com to set up a conference call in the US (where people from different cities all dial into the system so they can have a group phone call)

Except for using Skype (or other Internet telephony) or an office switchboard, how can I do this here in Taiwan?

I’m reviewing the ChungHwa Telecom FAQ here and a couple of other questions come to mind:

  1. How do I set this up?
  2. How is the quality of the call?
  3. Is it worth it? If I ran extra phone line into my office/home, what phone unit will allow me to create a party call using them instead?

I looked around a bit more and I found this page here, which is the Business Service for the Audio Conference Service

If anyone can post any good/bad experience with this, and any tips on its use, I would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Gus, we use a teleconferencing service from Chunghwa all the time. I suspect it’s this one. It works well. They give you a number and everyone calls into it.

Cool. So, if I call 0800-080-100, they will give me a phone number that I should tell my other parties to dial. Then, at the appointed time, we all dial-in? Is it this simple?

Only I am billed NT$ 6 per minute per user (so 3 people talking for 30 minutes = 3 x 30 x NT$ 6 = NT$ 540) and it appears on my phone bill?