Have you ever received a 告白信 from a Taiwanese girl?

How was it like? How did you react?

No. I’m too sexy for girls to be that confident. Did you get one?


Yes I did.

What did it say?

She said she’s interested in me and would like to get to know me better but feels more comfortable expressing it through writing. She also stated that she hopes that I wasn’t upset by the lack of eye contact when I talked to her about work-related things throughout all these months. She said she felt really nervous with eye contact up close. She stated that she knows that she was cold towards me in face to face interactions. She then stated that she felt that I was interested in her due to my glances at her from time to time. She said she wasn’t completely sure until I asked her out.


Is she cute?


Yes, but seems very inexperienced.

Ahhh go for it anyways if you like her. People learn and grow.

Make it rain!


What I find odd is that when I asked her out Monday (06/20) evening, she rejected me by saying that she had to move this week. I then get this 告白信 from her the next day.

Rip ‘er knickers off


Sounds legit. Try again. Maybe send a note back?

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But why wouldn’t she say yes in the first place? As men, we’re taught not to keep pestering the girl if she says “no”.

Dating is full of vagueness. Sometimes people really do mean what they say. Sometimes people get nervous. Sometimes people like being chased. Sometimes life does get in the way.

If it’s not a full no, I don’t see a problem with trying a few more times.


Grasshopper you have much to learn about the ways of the xiaojie.


Can you elaborate?

Isn’t it true that anything but a “yes” means “no”, including in Taiwan?

I’m not saying defy someone. God no. But there’s nothing wrong with trying a couple more times if you get this kind of message.


Annie is pretty young, we try not to sexualize her.


Of course the confession letter clears things up. I just think she should’ve just said “yes”.

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Like what?