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I don’t really know to which forum this threat belongs to, so feel free to move it.

I’m a Sinology student and currently working on a translation/interpretation of Jia Yi’s

I studied it in high school, but I´ve forgotten what its´about. Perhaps you can post the summary, so we can have better understanding of it.

Dear Taiwanesa,

I got the following information from the two excellent books,

Thanks Kobo-Daishi, but I’m afraid I’ll need a little more to pass my final exams on that… :blush:

This is from

Thanks Little Buddha. I got some commentaries in baihuawen and I will get into them next week. I have an other exam coming up first…

The thing is, I couldn’t really tell, if Jia Yi’s style was elegant or not. I hope these commentaries will help on that too.

I’ll be back with more specific questions. Thanks to all.

Suppose you have to know a bit of history to understand this article. His essay used to be one of the lessons in the Chinese textbook in high schools of Taiwan. I guess some still study it becasue of different versions of textbooks used now.

Emperor Qing is a tyrrant. He thought that by dictatorship, he can establish his kingdon of Qin forever, but history tells us that’s wrong. It’s really hard to imagine how he treated peopel at the time. Anyways, I guess Hanwendi didn’t repeat his mistake, so Han dynasty is actually one of the very glorious dynasties in the Chinese history. This is what I remember.

My prof just called and asked me why I haven’t handed in my paper yet. I ask, which paper? He says, the translation you need to hand in for your exam, didn’t I tell you? No, Prof. G., you didn’t…#%# …aiyoooooo

He gave me till Monday 12h. o here are my first questions:


I don’t see the beauty…where’s the beauty in Jia Yi’s language? Some examples?

What’s the relation to the Chuci of Qu Yuan?

If you can help me till Monday noon, thanks, if not, feel with me… :unamused:

You need to know something about

Thanks LB, I don’t think my Prof. will go into the rhetorics, but would still be nice to know a little about it.
I asked my boyfriend about the beauty of the language or any specialties. He said he couldn’t tell…aiyoo… :shock:

An other question:
Any idea who

OK, no more Jia Yi. Translation handed in this morning after staying awake the whole night. Gosh…why do I always get those texts with tons of names and locations in it. It took me ages to look them all up…

Oral exam’s on Wednesday afternoon…happy to finally get it over with…

How did it go?

Thanks for asking, went pretty well and since I just passed an other exam today, I don’t have to worry too much about the last 2 anymore…gosh…what a relief!!! I’ll soon be free…yuupppiiiii