Have you received your US Overseas Absentee Ballot yet?

Have you received your US Overseas Absentee Ballot yet?

  • Yes
  • I’ve registered but not received my ballot
  • I am eligible to vote but have not yet registered
  • I am not eligible to vote

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I registered for in early August and have yet to receive my ballot yet. I keep hearing everyone else having received theirs so curious how many others are still waiting? By the way, anyone else here registered in Santa Clara County, California?

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Ugh. This sucks. I edit my post a bit and the poll disappears, so I edit and add it back and now all the options are listed twice. Editing again it doesn’t even show the poll. ARGH!

You might want to call them and try to find out what happened. Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters phone number is:
(408) 299-VOTE or toll free: (866) 430-VOTE [8683]. Their website, just in case you didn’t know, is at scvmed.org/site/0,4760,sid%253D12973,00.html

I just called my (Louisiana) registrar, and I’m apparently still registered. I haven’t applied for my absentee ballot yet, however :blush:

But according to the person I talked to, I can fax a request for the ballot to the registrar’s office. I have to include the pertinent information and sign the request.

I don’t know, but you might want to consider asking your registrar about faxing a request, if it turns out they haven’t mailed your ballot or they misplaced your application.

Hope this helps.
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Tried to edit the poll and now all options are listed three times. I will get our poll-fixing expert (BFM) to have a look at it.


Nope. No absentee ballot either.

Fred Smith will be most disappointed if this is the third time in a row especially in such a crucial election. Have not decided who to vote for yet. :astonished:

I was shaking my head earlier when I saw that the poll had disappeared again, and now I come back and see all the options three times and can’t stop laughing. By the way, I tried to reproduce the problem on a generic phpbb 2.0.8 installation and couldn’t reproduce the problem, so I’m pretty perplexed how I managed to screw this up so badly.

Thanks for the phone numbers, I will call my registrar and ask for help.

Yes, and then I got another one–this one in case you voted for Nadar and need to pick another candidate for president, since he was kicked off the ballot in Oregon after they had been printed and sent out. Did this happen in other states? (And no, I did not vote for Nadar, they sent it to everyone.)

I was just flipping through my registrar’s website and noticed that they send out absentee ballots “29 days prior to the election”, so looks like I’m worried about nothing. They had a separate form to be enrolled for a permanent absentee ballot too, so just filled that out and faxed it in along with a copy of my FPCA ‘just in case’.

Also a lot of people are saying that Oct 2 is the deadline to register. This is the federal deadline, but local deadlines vary. Santa Clara allows registrations through 15 days prior to the election (though since mail to Taiwan is about 1 week each way, that’s cutting it tight). So check with your local officials what their deadline is before assuming you are too late.