Having a baby too! (Canadian)

Hi all,
My wife, Taiwanese, is pregnant. I am Candadian. What is the process for getting the child Canadian citezenship? Anyone know where to look on the internet.


To obtain a Canadian Citizenship Certificate for a Newborn child:

In the case of children born in Taiwan to a Canadian parent(s), a limited validity Canadian passport can be issued to the child when a Canadian citizenship certificate application is submitted at the same time. The passport will be valid for one year only, and when the citizenship certificate is received from Nova Scotia, the passport can be extended at any Canadian passport office to its full validity of five years from the date of issue.

The present Canadian Citizenship Act (which came into force February 15, 1977) provides that a child who is born to a Canadian citizen parent (in or out of wedlock) outside of Canada has a claim to Canadian citizenship. In addition to the completed citizenship certificate application form, the documents we must see to establish this claim are:

The parent’s documentary proof of Canadian citizenship ie: a Canadian birth certificate or a Canadian citizenship certificate. We must see the ORIGINAL of these documents; photocopies will not be accepted.
Two other pieces of the Canadian parent’s identification, such as a Canadian passport, driver’s licence, resident permit, etc.
The child’s ORIGINAL, official birth certificate which shows the child’s personal birth details and indicates the full names of the natural parents. If this document is in any other language than French or English than you must arrange to have the certificate translated by a licensed or notarized translator before it will be accepted by the Registrar of Canadian Citizenship for processing. The translated copy should be certified by the local district court. The translated copy should be certified by the local district court.
If available, the ORIGINAL marriage certificate of the child’s parents.

Edit: This information is from the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei.

canada.org.tw/english/servic … itizenship

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