Having an exam proctored

Has anybody here had an exam proctored or have any info regarding the proctoring of an exam? Preferably around Taipei.

I am taking courses through Penn State World Campus, a distance learning program and will be needing a proctor for the exams I have to take.

Any info will be very helpful.


I’d rather have an exam proctored than a proctol exam. :laughing:

You know, I am taking a distance course and I looked into this, because I’ll need a proctor as well for tests. AIT told me to go ask TAS. Whatever. I think I will just get one of my university’s administrators to do it.

Are you in a Chinese class? Usually they’ll let a school official do this. Just get the secretary and have them sign the form.


I’m going to try NTU. The proctor has to meet certain requirements set by Penn State and be approved by them also.

Once I am succesful on getting a proctor I can let you know if you like.

WTF is a proctor? Is it the same as an invigilator? Has it anything to do with bottoms? :astonished:

A procotor is an examination supervisor in a school or univerity. They over see tests such as a final exam.