looks like i’m headed there for a family reunion this summer, prolly a week in maui and a week elsewhere, and suggestions on best use of latter week?

Never go shopping for illegal drugs in Pearl Ridge after 10 PM.

my friend told me he went grass sledding, i don’t think he meant anything related to drugs though

Planning a trip there in October. Anyone have recommendations for travel flights from Tpe to Hawaii? I’ll be going to Kauai (again) and a secondary stop either on Molokai ro the big Island Hawa’ii.

I just got back from Maui 1 week ago. I toook the cheapest option to get there which is China Airlines.

What was the price for the tickets?

On Hawai’i it seemed that all the tourists and resorts were on the west cost and the east coast around Hilo was sleepy and peaceful. Wandered around little coastal roads and found the most stoned people I’ve ever met in my life. Glassey-eyed skinny surfie dudes with guitars and stogies like cigars. It seemed all resorts or stoners… :frowning:

I paid $1000USD

Finally making this happen this year. I booked early and I’m paying less for Taipei-Hawaii-NY-Taipei tickets on United than I paid for Taipei-NY-Taipei on Korean last year, woo hoo! If it’s like this I may go every year. Hitting Kauai for a week then a few days on Oahu. Looks to be nice.

Tourism is at 10 year lows here. There are many good deals. China Air has 2 nonstops per week, the rest go through NRT, so if you want a stopover in Japan, it’s easy to do. NW is also very competitive if the NRT stopover interests you.

Each island is different, even areas on each island, except Lahaina and Kailua-Kona, which are essentially extensions of Malibu/Bellevue/Los Gatos.

As you prolly know, don’t leave valuables in sight, and Waikiki / Ala Moana SC are known for scooter-based purse snatchers. The “gentleman on curb side” rule has a new life here.