Hawaiian Plate Lunch?

So this is going out on a limb, but is there any place to get a Hawaiian Plate Lunch?

Any Hawaiian diners/eateries out there in general?

Someone told me Trader Vics was a Hawaiian restaurant and they recommended it highly. It’s at the corner of Dun Hua North and Min Shen East roads. Might be a little pricey. I had a steak there years ago. They mistook “well done” for “rare”.

tv is “polynesian”, don’t ask me if that’s the same or not.

I’d never heard of plate lunches until this thread, so I did some searching around. I found that:
“A plate lunch is the ubiquitous Hawaiian meal. It’s core ingredients are two scoops of sticky rice, one scoop of macaroni salad (Hawaiian style, los of mayo, no mustard) and a meat entree such as teriyaki beef, chicken, fried fish, etc).”
chowhound.com/midwest/boards … 33970.html
Seems they share origins with our own ‘bian dang’; that is they originate from Japanese bento. Look towards the bottom of this page, for the heading “Plate Lunch Historical Perspectives”:

Trader Vics I would classify as a western restaurant chain with Polynesian influences. Somewhat similar to Roy’s or Alan Wong’s on Oahu.

It’s a bit more upscale then plate lunch, which is basically the Hawaiian equivalent of fast food. It has elements of Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, and Hawaiian cooking. The Mac salad seems to be an acquired taste for most non-Hawaiian natives.