Hawaiian travel bubble with Taiwan

Looks like some international travel to Hawaii may open up. The gov is working on it, hopefully two way deal as its now one way now(to Hawaii with exam but not back here yet). Five other destinations on the working list.


Would be highly surprised if this became two-way in the foreseeable future. Hawaii has about 100 covid cases per day currently and it is well known from the daily Taiwan CDC arrival statistics that a pre-departure test does by no means catch all infections

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Yes, maybe but like Taiwan many Hawaiian cases are what Taiwan calls imported (from the mainland). The surprise is that New Zealand is not on the list and that the Philippines are. New Zealand has almost no local cases while the Philippines seems have many more per day.

My interpretation of the whole announcement when seeing the list of countries was that these are probably no serious conversations, just some talk for political reasons

Long flight. How about some more places a little closer?

Probably more related to trade and cooperations/good gestures, no?