The Da Vinci Code - Movie POLL

If you’ve seen the movie, was it enjoyable?

  • Yes, extremely
  • Yes, very
  • Yes, somewhat
  • No, disappointing
  • No, very disappointing
  • No, extremely disappointing
  • I don’t even plan to see it
  • Never heard of it

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For those who’ve seen it, was it enjoyable? (specifically ‘enjoyable’ as entertainment, as opposed to whether it was good artistically or credible)

I nearly when to Lincoln cathedral where some of it it filmed, but I ended up shopping and never made it as far as the cathedral

Just because a movie’s enjoyable doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. I was certainbly entertained by the movie. But it could have been far better. And why no English subtitles when they spoke French? :loco:

I haven’t read the book, but with all the hype, I expected the movie to at least be entertaining. It wasn’t. It was so dull, I would have left halfway through it, if it weren’t for my date. I was checking my watch every five minutes waiting for it to be over. It was so ridiculous that people were laughing everytime they solved a puzze or miraculously escaped death or capture.

I really don’t understand why everyone has gotten so worked up over this movie. Just another crap Hollywood movie IMHO.

It’s just the Jesus angle, I think. “It’s SOOOO controversial, don’t you know!”
After ploughing through the book with more and more incredulity that people can make money from such hack writing, I voted for not bothering to see the film. Even NT$100 for the DVD rental would be too expensive I think.

Put your 100 bucks in the poorbox Sandman. It’s a stinker. The book was crappola. On the other hand I did read the Holy Blood and the Holy Grail when it came out years ago and it was quite interesting as a research piece.