He got the sh*t scared back into him

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[quote]Carnivorous lizard in toilet shocks Norwegian toddler

Thu Nov 3, 8:48 AM ET

Potty training is difficult enough for any toddler, but one Norwegian youngster has suffered a particularly dramatic reverse after a carnivorous lizard emerged from the family toilet as he used it.

The boy’s mother discovered the 75-centimeter (three foot) Teju lizard, a carnivorous variety from South America, as she helped her three-year-old use the toilet, the Bergen aquarium in western Norway said on Thursday.

The black, yellow-banded lizard with weighed 1.5 kilos (3.3 pounds).

“If it had had the possibility, I’m sure that it would have planted its teeth in anything that presented itself,” Kees Ekeli, the head of the aquarium, which rounded up the reptile, told AFP.

“The little boy was learning to use the toilet rather than diapers, and one might say that his training has suffered a serious setback,” he added.

The lizard, which can hold its breath for up to a half hour, is thought to have escaped from a private importer despite the fact that bringing the species into Norway is against the law.[/quote]
THAT’ll teach 'im. :fume:

Poor boy… :astonished:

Snakes in the toilet was one of my childhood fears as well. Never saw any, thank god.

The boy should have dropped a #2 on the lizard’s head.

Only poo-poo heads hang out in the toilet.

Pucker Factor of 10 +++

I lived in Brisbane for a year when I was a child. One night, one of these was in the toilet and got a nice shower from yours truly!!!

Aborigines lick these toads cuz they release a hallucinogenic.

Maybe you were just seeing things.

I hope they didn’t lick the one that hopped out of your toilet.


It’s a horrible thing to find a small animal in your toilet. It happened to me once in Taiwan…I did me business, and as I was flushing I glanced over and noticed a large brown rat struggling to in the whirlpool…

You took a dump and a rat came out?!?! :noway:

Dude! You’re only supposed to stuff gerbils up there!

The following is a bit sad.

A long time ago, I was vacuuming my hamster’s cage but I went too close to the poor thing and I sucked him up. I opened the vacuum bag in a hurry…poor hamster. :blush:


Wow, why didn’t I think of that? Do you think the vaccuum cleaner could handle a guinea pig?

[quote=“twonavels”]Wow, why didn’t I think of that? Do you think the vaccuum cleaner could handle a guinea pig?[/quote]Household vacuums wouldn’t but if you used a Shop-Vac, I’m sure it would be no prob. :astonished: