Head and shoulders?

having a bit of dandruff these days. bought and have been using head and shoulders for over a month. the problem isn’t going away. what is the next remedy?

Nioxin may be helpful as it will balance your skins moisture, you can buy it large beauty salons or in New York New York. It may help.

What are you eating? Do you wear a hat?

my diet? that is the funny part. i have been pretty much on the caveman diet: as little processed food as possible. fruits, veggies, green tea, meat sparingly, no refined sugar, no flour; have never been eating healthier in my life. always though that an overly greasy diet begat dandruff, but not this time. hat ? only when it is too cold out.

That is strange, did you change your diet overnight? Maybe you’re hair just can’t take soooo many fruits and veggies! HA HA HA!!! Try Nioxin, I’ve posted a message about the product in the Going Bald thread, it may help you to balance your scalp’s oils.

thank you very much. i tip the proverbial hat to you and brush off my shoulder yet again. thanks.

There’s a pretty strong medicated shampoo called Selsun Blue. A buddy of mine used to use it once a week to keep his own personal snowstorm in check. He said it did the trick.

Where could I find this Selsun Blue stuff? Neighborhood pharmacy?

My kid saw the barber yesterday and he’s got a weird looking patch on his scalp.

Vinegar works, they say. As long as you don’t have psoriasis or another skin condition.
I’d recommend natural treatment over expensive dandruff shampoos and chemicals, which will affect the ph balance of your hair.


Many dermatologists say Head and Shoulders are not effective at all in treating dandruff. In pharmacies here in Taiwan, you can find Polytar Liquid, whose active ingredient is tar. Or "

couldn’t find any selsun blue in the local pharmacies but they did have NIZORAL. i am completely satisfied. i have used it on two successive days and the “snow fall” has stopped. looks like it shan’t be a white christmas after all.

thank you one and all.

best wishes and seasons greetings.