Head Shrinkers

A newly arrived friend of mine is having trouble dealing with the culture change and I am thinking (knowing him pretty well from back home) that it is not just this that is causing his problems. He always seems to be negative, has trouble having a good time and has relationship problems. He can’t commit and when it comes to that point in his relationships, he tends to break it off. I think he has had family problems in the past as he has hinted towards it on several drunken outings. I have tried to talk to him on these occasions (always easier for guys to talk about this shit when they’re pied) but I am no shrink. I mentioned going to see one when we were back home, but he felt too embarassed, thought people would find out etc. Now, since being here, I have mentioned it again and told him that he doesn’t know anyone here so it would be much easier for him. He said “Yeah, I want to go to a head doctor where I spend more time trying to figure out what he’s saying than he does trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. And paying for it no less.”

I agree with him on that point and the only thing I could think of is if there is a Western educated head doctor that is fluent in English. Thereby, he/she would understand the Western culture, issues etc. and be able to give sound advice.

Therefore, to get to the point, I am sure that there must be some people here that have gone or know someone that has gone to a shrink. If that is so, could someone kindly recommend one so I can pass the info along.

In addition, does anyone know whether the sessions would be covered by his health insurance?

P.S - Anyone with snide comments or witty but otherwise useless info, save them for another topic as I am trying to be serious and helpful for once in my life (it is usually me with these comments and he has heard them all before)

Any help would be much appreciated.

from the English papers a while back:

Center Counseling

Professional Counseling is available at the Community Services Center for both adults and children of the international community. Our team of Master and Doctorate level western-trained counselors is multi-cultural and multi-lingual, with extensive practical clinical experience. Client confidentiality is strictly observed. We have office in Tien Mu and downtown Taipei
For further information please call (02) 2836-8134

good luck!

Thanks mistercrisps for posting about the Center. They charge on a sliding scale, depends on your income. I think they have already closed down their office in the city (it was behind SOGO). They also have a website at community.com.tw

Good luck to your friend.