Head to Head, The Music Never Stopped being argumentative Thread

Color me biased as I just spun this on wax twice in a row and am listening to it again now, but I can’t think of a L/M song that can top this…on any level.

And this I never heard before, kewl. Not a big JJ fan…

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Same as the answer to that old question: Beatles or Stones?
A: The Who.

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Both the Kinks and the Stones were better than the Beatles, IMO. Way better. Some of the Beatles output was just laughable, drug-fuelled dross; you could hear the talent underneath, but it was still dross because they were high at the time and didn’t really give a shit.

Kinks and Stones not really comparable. Pretty much everything the Stones did was about sex. The Kinks were a bit more wide-ranging and cerebral.

Absolutely. Celluloid Heroes could be written today for the twitter/instagram crowd.

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Kinks. Hands down.

I agree, but it’s close. The Beatles are going to start crunching the Kinks if we go on, their catalog is much deeper. IMO!

Weren’t the Kinks writing for TV shows at the time? So, there’s that facet to it. But seriously, nothing’s going to top Celluloid Heroes.

but, if you must bring it, bring it!

Those 2 are my favorite Kinks songs.

I like all three, and they’re all very different bands. Impossible to compare really. But for pure enjoyment, I’d have to go with the Stones.

“Why are we fighting why are we figthting”

Then start yer own gd thread. :rage: :roll: :doh: :idunno: :ponder: :grinning: :bowing:

I like this one


He could still belt it out in 2012:

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Yeah, I’d put this next to Day in the Life, and in this case, Beatles.

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You got me on that one. A Day in the Life is one of the top songs created by humanity in my humble opinion. . :+1:t2:

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Well, it is region specific, inn’t?

America needs some good civil war songs.

Probably is inn’t.
Ah well these songs make me depressed. I am not sure why. Nice thread just something depressing about it :thinking:

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I agree. Very different styles. I just don’t find anything inspiring in most of the Beatles output, although in the right mood I’ll happily listen to Penny Lane or (for some reason) I Am The Walrus. I think it’s the lyrics that let them down more than anything. Lennon, McCartney, or both - completely inane.