Headphone Repair

I’ve got my Shure SRH840 around two years ago. Last December the sound of the right side just stopped working. There was no visible damage.

I went to an 3C mall in Taiwan and they tested the cable of the headphones, but couldn’t get the sound working with a new cable either. I’ve checked a couple of shops, but no one wanted to fix them, because I didn’t buy them in Taiwan.

I had a look on it by myself, but I was clumsy and the headphones dropped down, which broke the connection between the inner and outer part of the speaker.

Do you think there’s any chance left to get them fixed? I assume the connection between inner and outer part can be soldered. Can you recommend a shop which is doing that? I suppose the chances in Taiwan are higher than somewhere else.

I took a couple of photos of them, so you can have a look.


Sounds like you blew the headphone driver, even if you soldered back the wire that would need to be replaced. Nice headphones though, in future you would want to check the source is suitable for your headphones. From Shures website, the specs for those headphones are.

lmpedance 44 Ω
Maximum Input Power 1000 mW

You would need to check the spec of the product you plugged them into and work out if that exceeded the Maximum input power. If it does, then you know why your right earphone suddenly stopped working.

I’m sure every headphone should work just fine on a MacBook Pro.

I’m sure every headphone should work just fine on a MacBook Pro.[/quote]

I think that output has been designed for low impedance headphones, so youre right I doubt it would be the cause of damage. Headphones do however vary a lot in their impedance, while it wouldn’t harm them, i doubt you would hear much on the higher rated impedance.

You might want to get in contact with these guys, but if the driver has gone, it might be as expensive to replace as it is to buy new headphones.

Shure Asia Limited
Customer Service Department
22/F, 625 King’s Road
North Point, Island East
Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2893 0411
Email: info@shure.com.hk

Oh, and one last thing, you DID plug the headphones into another source to confirm the problem was the headphones, and not the MBP output?

This thread can be closed. The headphone was repaired by those guys earshop.url.tw/index.php?web … _page&mc=2