Headphones and CD decks for DJing (in Taichung)?

I’ve recently taken up DJing as a hobby. And love it! My first logical necessity, besides music, is good quality headphones (the big-ass ones that cover the whole ear) and some second-hand CD decks (and mixer).

Know where to get some?

There’s a DJ shop here in Kaohsiung (not so close to you, but not so far) called 201 records. You’ll see some of their posts here on Forumosa. They can get you what you need. They have an English speaking staff and a foreign co-owner. Not sure about prices, but they sell a lot of package deals. So I’m sure there’s something that’ll fit your budget. Here’s their address:

201 Records
3F. 201 Zhongshan 1st Rd,
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

This comes from this forumosa post:

forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.ph … rds#261447

Sorry, probably can’t get used stuff…and I honestly couldn’t tell you where to go to find it. So hope this helps!

Also, if you get to the point where you’re mixes sound pretty good and want to get heard, send me a copy of your mix and I’ll put it on my website. And, if you come down to Kaohsiung, look me up. Can get together and spin a few records/cd’s.


last time i was in ny i picked up a cheapo numark package for $300. gotta love technology!