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I didn’t! Thank you for sharing!

Ok, not a headphone snob and ive limited experience overall. But here’s my experience so far:

  1. of all the headphones ive tried I think the Bang and Olufsen over the ears headset at 599 to be the best.
  2. But in terms of bang for buck, i would say the Bose over the ears i tried at the Bose store for 130 is nearly as good and better value for sure.
  3. I feel i should have gotten that Bose over the ears overall. But instead i fell for “having-the-latest-itis” and got the 699 Bang and Olufsen ON EAR head set, with wireless capability.
    My take on these? Excellent sound , wireless and noise cancelling turned on means something like 2 hours of use only before recharge needed. And its not practical (and ugly looking ) to be walking around with those in public. Therefore the wireless and the noise cancelling ability is moot when listening at home (except maybe in TAipei noise cancel may still be good).

I’ve gotten a set of Wired Bang and Olufsen ear buds and those are pretty good sound wise, but ear buds really are not as good as OVER the EAR and ON EAR sets, no matter what people say. You would have to screw them in so tight in your ear canal to reproduce good bass and therefore they are uncomfortable.

  1. And wired ear buds really are a pain in the neck. Every time you want to use them you have to untangle the mess of wires.
  2. Enter the wireless ear buds, the new trend.
    They tend to be a bit on the pricey side. MOst nice ones list for some 200 to 250 dollars or 350 dollars.
    Sales can be had though.

So my T5 klipsch just arrived. Got them charged up and paired.

First impressions:

  1. Excellent sound. Sound as good as my wired Bang and Olufsens which retail for the same 250 dollars or so (when they came out).

I got these T5 for special sale and I think i know why. The box was mis contructed so that you have to destroy it to get the headphones out !! It was badly made to say the least, and probably these were returned by wholesalers for that transgression. But ok by me. I dont need the box, I just destroyed them to get the headphones out.

The grip was that the instructions were very piss poor. I had to get online to find out how to operate them. THey are easy but a page of easy instructions would have been good. The pamphlet i got in ten languages was basically useles

ok back to sound?? Yes sounds great. And they work well for calling people too. My friend said he could hear me very well as if i had my iphone to my ear. And i could hear as well as if i had my iphone to my ear .

Comfort? So far so good. Still though i think best for comfort and sound is Over the Ear, nothing is going to beat that. My B n O ON EAr set is not at all comfortable to wear for an hour or more.

These buds? i have yet to have them on long enough to judge but so far so good.

Actually my purpose in these is to use them to make phone calls. In my job i do spend quite a bit of time on the phone and i dont want to have the phone close to my ear, i dont want to get cell cro waved.

I had been using wired iphone earbuds but the mess of wires do get in the way every time i want to use them

my colleagues all got iphones and wireless iphone ear buds, but those are like 130 to 200 foe the pro.

So im just going to take one of these ear buds with me to work. Not going to use them for music.

But listening to Pandora on them right now, they are quite good.

BASS though is not going to be as good as Over the Ear, not matter what people tell me or try to convince me.

If you want the real haedphone experience, get the 130 dollar BOSE OVER THE EAR, those are great for 130 bucks.
I’ve been in cars with BOSE sound and cars with Bang and Olufsen stereos and also listened to B and O headphones and speakers, basicaly I feel BOSE does a more "tradional " approach to sound. Its more like listening to a good home stereo.

Better BASS. B and O seem to be more geared towards the mids and highs. Less emphasis on the BASS line.

So for rock and the such I think Bose is better. B and O maybe for New Age, Classical, Opera, and the like.

Also finding instructions on line was very good because there is a set up process that one has to follow. And those instructions were not to be found on the box.

Basically it was :

  1. press the right one when in the box five times, then press the left one while in the box five times. This links the ear buds to each other.
  2. then begin pairing process by pushing the right one while in the box three times and your phone will react to that by pairing the right one and then asking you to ok the left one. Strange that the phone only shows the right linked, but not the left. Because the left is now the slave to the right.

If you re sync the left one for example the right one loses its sound.

So anyways it needed clear instructions in the box. which there was not.

p.s. the sennheiser (sp) on ear ones i got years ago in taiwan for 1300nt was purrrty dang good and easy on ears as its so light.

oh and i managed to get all my headsets when they went on a big sale so i didnt pay anywhere near list. just saying.

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Did my review

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I’ve been using Jabra Elite 75t for about 6 weeks now. The sound only really became good when I succeeded getting the right fit / seal in the ear.
The standard rubber tips needed pushing in too tight for comfort in order to seal. Without that, the noise canceling would not be effective. Also the bass would be weak. Now I switched to tips called Spinfit 360 - much better comfort, I think because they are more flexible, so the sillicone flaps achieve a seal with less pressure, and the sound is actually pretty good for an on-the-go device.


Not to be a total headphone snob here, but under $150 US you are still in the near budget level of headphones. As well, what are you using for a DAC or amp as well? These both are a significant influence on the sound that you are getting from whatever headphones you are using.

The reality is that there is no limit to what you can spend, but to get a basic decent sound, you really need to spend around $500US: $300 or so on headphones, and then around $100 each in a basic DAC as well as a headphone amplifier. I wasn’t satisfied until I spent around $1000 to be honest, but I am a musician with very discerning ears; YMMV.

Note: This is for an at home setup - it is not portable at all.

True that
I was only comparing by using my iPhone and playing pandora as a comparison

And in that aspect although my On Ear 699 dollar B and O has great sound it’s less good than it’s sister product the Over the Ear wired 599 one which is the better buy
Cheaper and much more comfortable and better sound

But the 130 dollar Bose over the ear I tried at the store really was 98 pct as good

And none of the ear buds are as good overall
However after spending a few hours with the Klispch
They are impressive if you want to listen to music at a cafe or the such and don’t want to be too conspicuous

They sound like the B and O more emphasis on mids and highs and less on Bass

I really wanted headphones to listen to music outside of the home

At home I believe a great stereo is the best listening experience not using headphones

I definitely agree. However, this doesn’t really work in my life at this point - we live in a small house (and our son often is using the TV), and in the future will likely live in an apartment when we move to Taiwan; neither of these works in relation to a powerful, high quality stereo. A pair of really high quality headphones (with dac and amp) gives privacy, sound quality, and all with the added bonus of not annoying family members or neighbors!

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Very true

I’m really digging using these headphones and walking my cats with them on great sound and it makes walking the cats a better experience because it’s kind of boring the walk its just you know sniff around here stiff around there They just really don’t go anywhere

One thing I found is maybe it’s common nowadays I don’t know is that you know with most headphones you have to talk really loud because you can’t hear yourself talk but these headphones they amp your voice so you could talk in a normal manner and you can hear yourself talk as well

I got my Jabra Elite 75t, I also have a Sony wh-1000xm4 and the Sony was the first headphone I ever had with Noise Cancelling function, so is the only way I can compare.


  1. I go to gym often, and I never found earbuds that could stay in my ear during the weightlifting, always slip out in the middle of the training or something similar. This Jabra Elite is very light, and it really stays in my ear during all my training. (Exception at the first day, it fell off during triceps training, I changed the rubber size and now seems ok.)
  2. When you remove the earbuds from its case, it automatically turns on and sync with my phone. Also, it has a sensor, if I remove it from my ears, it stops playing and if I put it back into the case, it turns off automatically.
  3. The sound quality cannot compare with my Sony. I really didn’t tune much, bass I almost cannot hear, the sound quality is not that bad, but it is not good, it is not clear. But come on, I really cannot compare Sony with this one, and I know.
  4. The Noise Cancelling works, but it is not the best NC, could be better.
  5. Microphone works good with phone calls and I had no problems with that.
  6. Button and functions are simple, and you can change as you want. I’m using the default settings and I get used to it already.
  7. The APP is OK, it has a localization function that is nice, every time you sync the earbuds with your phone it records the last localization, just in case you forget where is your earbuds.

From 0 to 10, I will give a 6 for all the package. My main concern was it stays in my ear when I’m lifting weight, and until now it made the job.

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Did mine too, not as good as yours, but it is my 4th day with it, I still need to have more time.

Have you tried pairing to multiple devices like a computer and phone. Like to know how it handles multipoint Bluetooth devices. If you were streaming on computer and get a call on your phone, does it auto switch to your phone. Does it switch back when your off the call? What about vice versa. Streaming on phone and get call on computer? Also can you just use either the left or right ear bud? I know some ear buds rely on the other for sound. Thx

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I didn’t pair in multiples devices, but I read it works fantastic with multiple devices pairing. The earbuds have a sensor, when I remove one and put it down, it stops play.

I heard some ear buds only have one of them working if you only use one and will need that particular one to work as a pair Meaning one of them will not work alone

Others each one can be paired to phone alone or it can work as a pair

The T5 can work individually but appears to work as a pair only if one doesn’t lose the right one
But let me double check on that

Persist; try some different rubber tips, play around with the fitting in to get good seal… when you achive that the bass really will be good in my experience. I only succeded when I fitted some “Spinfit 360” tips

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The Jabra 75t works with the right bud alone if you want single-use

So you can’t just use the left ear bud for the Jabra 75t?

no. only the right if as a single bud

I am looking for a pair of bluetooth bone conduction headphones and I found this one online

It’s apparently on sale for NT$ 900 down from NT$ 4,000 – is that suspicious? I cannot seem to figure out what brand is, too. Has anyone tried them?

My plan is to get these AfterShokz headphones (NT$ 5,790) - so I just want to check if the discounted no-name(?) one above is worth a look.


Following your suggestion, I changed the rubber tips, I didn’t find the same you suggested, but I got another generic one, and it changed a lot of the sound quality.

Thanks for the suggestion.