Headphones thread


I’ve used them on flights already they work very well for engine noise and general shuffling even without playing music. It’s amazing how noisy the place environment is when you take them off. They pack up nicely too.


When I first used a pair of Bose NC headphones on a plane it blew my mind, even that was already more than a decade ago.

NC is really good for the noise in the air planes.


Well i finally decided to spend some time with the pair and although the sound is good. My latest findings on the H8 are:

  1. Too expensive

  2. You are not going to be arsed (as they say in England) charging the bloody thing every day so you can use it wirelessly. If you leave it alone the charge dissipates so when you are about to use it, there is no charge. So you use a wire.

  3. The biggest problem for me is the fact that because the headphones grip my head very tightly, i simply can’t keep them on. MY ears hurt ! Too much pressure . So they are simply unwearable comfortably any length of time.

So I would say, if you want B and O, thats fine . And they are great. But get the 299 OVER the EARS ones. Cheaper and I am sure more comfortable.


Haven’t sold them yet. But any bids over 450 I will take !

Went to Napa to day to eat at a particular Thai restaurant as their TOm Yum was so good last time. But alas, many restaurants are not able to keep an even quality so it was substandard today.

But meantime, stopped into the Premier Outlets there to the Bose store.

They have a good deal going on this headphone:

Saw it at Target for 179 plus tax i think.

I think this would be a headphone I would buy if I didn’t have the B and O.

It fits really nicely over the ears and is light weight. So I think it could be comfortable for an hour or two or even longer.

I also tried a similar set up. Which was a lot more expensive.
About 399 , which was wireless and had noise cancelling.

I would not go for this one as B and O have a wireless over ear for only 299 !

And to be honest this pair was no better then the 179 one (on sale at that outlet for 99) and was no match for my B and O.

So if i was hunting for a nice headphone at a good price
I would say this 179 pair going for 99 is a DEAL.


I acquired the Skullcandy Grind at the Syntrend mall in TPE:

They-re a really comfortable pair of on/ear bluetooth headphones with 8~9 hours of working time, and they have a detachable cable to plug them in the old-fashioned way (when plugged, they don’t really need battery). They also have a built-in microphone.

The sound os obviously not as good as in a Bose or B&O pair of headphones, but you get a lot of quality for the price you pay for them.



I just replaced the fake leather pads of my Superlux 669 with velour pads. Best 2$ I’ve ever spent!


Looks sharp.

by-the-way, the young lady salesperson at the Bose store in Napa did NOT know what Bang and Olufsen was !

I was quite surprised.


Either she doesn’t want to speak about the competition, or she’s a disaster as an audio retail person. Specially in a high-end store.

Bose and B&O are top of the line in the business, you don’t have to be familiar with all the models, but at least know the main brands.


I believe she simply didn’t know because she kept talking about BEAT. And she had to google Bang and Olufsen headphones on her iphone.

But then B n O is really NOT a household name in the USA.

I almost wanted to buy that 179 Bose for 99. Had to resist the temptation .

I would have to sell my B n O first though.

And i still think noise cancellation isn’t really that needed (except on a flight where there is a constant noise) on an over ear set. And one does get tired charging the thing all the time if one is not using it daily. It’s cool having no wires, real cool. On the B n O you can use the right ear cup to turn down or up the volume , skip to next song, pause song, take a call, etc. And those features are not available when plugged in via the wire.

So if I was using it daily i would charge it every nite like i do my iphone.

But i keep it by my computer to listen to them at night when the other half wants peace and quiet. So for that purpose just using the wire is ok.

And when going outside, the H8 is a bit large and conspicuous. The 99 Bose is more sedate, although also large (larger actually) and doesn’t stand out.


Hey guys,

So I just got a new phone (HTC 10 EVO) and after choosing between the few phones in my budget, I realized that the device doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack for my headphones and uses the USB C as a headphone jack.

I’m not a huge fan of the in ear buds because I like to hear some background noise when I have headphones on, so I’ve been using iPhone headphones even though all my phones have been HTC.

My question is, do you guys have a recommended USB C headphone or just go buy a 200-400NT USB C to 3.5mm converter?


I love my Phillips I have to say. Getting like they’re not even there. Till all of a sudden they’re there :boom:



I’m looking for, I guess, over-ear headphones, mainly for use with my iPhone both out and at home (when my wife doesn’t want to be annoyed by my music and podcasts). Ideally a size that wouldn’t look ridiculous on the MRT, and also good enough to let me use them on the MRT or on an airplane without having to turn them up too loud to mask ambient noise. I don’t think I want noise-cancelling because that seems a bit overkill - I usually only fly a couple of times a year - but I can probably be persuaded.

Bluetooth would also be nice, with basic controls (play / pause / volume / double & triple clicks for more complex functions). Do bluetooth headphones tend to last longer? Most of my earbuds fall apart after 12-18 months, and it’s always the wires that are the point of failure.

I don’t plan to use them when exercising, so they don’t need to be too durable, but this being Taiwan they still need to be OK with an occasionally disgusting amount of sweat.

I’m not sure how much I care about a microphone. It’s nice to have one when answering phone calls, but that doesn’t happen often anyway. In theory a microphone is great for using Siri but she and I have communication problems.

For example, the JBL E55BT looks good …

… but availability in Taiwan is a whole other issue.

Are there good options to buy in Taiwan, or is it better to get something overseas? I’ll be in Canada for the month of August, although I’m not sure if I want to wait that long; my current pair of earbuds is falling apart pretty quickly.

I’m no audiophile, and spend most of the time listening to podcasts anyway. My main concern is being able to listen at a reasonable volume, rather than turning the volume up high because it’s competing with what’s around me.


Whats everyone experience with wireless headphones? I’m thinking about getting Powerbeats 3 wireless for when I workout. I have some noise cancelling, but not wireless bose earphones. I love them for day to day and travel, but I can’t hear anything at the gym when people try to talk to me and the wires often get caught in things and fall off at the gym.


I have a pair of Jabel I was gifted, wrap around the back of the neck, Bluetooth.
Nice fit, easy to use, batteries last for a few hours at least.
Don’t go to the gym so don’t use them much as I have three other headphones that are as good or better and am lazy to charge.

I think they would be good for the gym though.


I was using some bluetooth JBLs for working out that were good, but a couple weeks ago I found the Apple Airpods in stock at Studio A and haven’t looked back. I love these things. They are plenty secure, zero wires and super stable connection. I believe they work find on ios and android. The down side is the cost.


My cousin bought a Sony bluetooth headphone (not sure what model), but she said she paid around 800-1000NT for them. I tried them on and they are similar quality to the Apple wired headphones that come with your iPhone. Quality of the sound is good, but it doesn’t cancel out noise from around you.

To test, you can head over to the Sony store in Syntrend.


My mom sent me a pair of Beats headphones for my bday. The wireless ones that go with the iPhone 7. The sound quality is awesome, but honestly I wish she sent me a pair of ear-buds instead (does that make me sound ungrateful?). The Kaohsiung summer makes my ears sweat like crazy under those headphones. So I can’t really wear them on the go.


That’s the problem I have now, so for days when I know I’ll be outside more I go back to my standard Apple earbuds.


I have Sennheiser HD 598 SR. It is super comfy and the sound is really great.


I was also looking at the the Q30 wireless Bluetooth. I love how Bose fits in my ears. I can have them in for 12-16 hrs flight and not feel discomfort and they don’t fall off ever. Their earbud design is truely great. They are however expensive, and the wireless ones has a thing you wear around your neck, not sure if I like that.

So it sounds like Bluetooth technology is now much better. I remember maybe 5 years ago they were just awful. Sound cuts in and out all the time.