Headphones thread




At least it fits inside your Kallax. But i guess that’s the only good point about it.


Bose is pissing me off, all their products are about $100USD more in Taiwan, and stores like amazon won’t ship Bose products from Bose themselves to Taiwan. My Bose Qc20 broke and bose’s earbuds are the only ones I can wear comfortably for 5+ hours without any discomfort and without coming off.

Kind of looking at sony wh 1000xm2 but I like something I can also go the gym with. Sony does ship to Taiwan from amazon at a cheaper price.


That’s pretty much like everything, isn’t it?


Yes, but usually I can find a way to ship it from the US from a company. Bose seemed to blocked all the channels of sales from official Bose sources to ship to Taiwan.

I might opt to Sony. Their new NC headphones and earphones imo has surpassed Bose now and at a better price.


I’ve found in the past that just about every brand of headphone is markedly more expensive here in Taiwan than elsewhere.


Yeah it’s annoying but I get around with by ordering overseas and sometimes having a friend or family traveling bring it back for me. Bose seemed to blocked all international sales from any official supplier to Taiwan.

Syntrend has a sale on Sony headphones on the 4th floor if anyone’s interested. Makes it the same as US prices just about this weekend.


Can you recommend anything for high impedance headphones? I’ve been looking for something similar but for my collection of cans.

Bluetooth Receiver $465

Don’t confuse the elderly with your new-fangled terminology.:slightly_smiling_face:
I visualise these highly effective communication systems . I can verify that they work. Retail price around 6nt. :laughing:


I ordered the Sony XF1000x wireless noise canceling earbuds.


Do they have girlfriend boost mode ?


Oh she hates them. I can’t anything on my Sony WH 1000x m2 (idk why Sony makes these impossible names)


Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee for the win!