Headphones thread


I just lost one of them. One thing I hate it because it’s so easy to loose


Can anyone recommend a really great Bluetooth earbuds fit for a audiophile.


Contemplating to buy BOSE at costco but change my mind.


May I enquire where you found replacement pads? If on the Internet, which Chinese term did you use in your search?


Could anyone recommend a pair of decently priced wireless headphones for the gym? Starting to get sick of threading my headphone cords up the back of my shirt.

I don’t need them to be super fancy, just something that’ll reliably connect to my iPhone and that will drown out the Maroon 5 one of the trainers at my gym keeps inflicting upon us when it’s their turn with the aux.


Oh and I finally found my desired cat ear headphones…they are almost 15k …


Can’t remember, it was so long ago…it was either Ruten or Taobao, though. I think I put “velour pads” in Google translate and started from there.

JM electronics in Taipei could have the pads you need, but they may be $$$. The pads I got were no brand, so really cheap. Maybe from this product I linked you can find the right character, but my kung-fu with Chinese writing and reading is very limited.


That I have found: Google translate doe snot have the words we use in Taiwan to designate stuff.




3000NT at most. Don’t like spending a fortune on things I’m bound to just sweat on…


3000 wont get you anything you’ll want to put your ear through. For good wireless that’s sounds nice and won’t lag every min you might pay around 4-5k. It’s also just going to be more expensive because it’s in Taiwan.

Check out these Sony wireless. They are not super expensive but great sounding.



Was shopping for cables and picked these up at night market for NT$300.

Already connected via Bluetooth to phone. Volume good louder than ears need but quality nothing special so far. And if I lose one, who cares. See how it goes.


Found a great use for cheap Bluetooth earpods in the hot spring, sauna and jacuzzi. If I drop one out of my ear and it’s only losing less than NT$300.


I love buying headphones. And I can always find an excuse to buy another pair.

For the gym I use over ear headphones that are light and closed (so sound doesn’t leak out badly). Also, some form of sweatproof. I’ve been using Plantronics 505 Backbeats for a couple months. Very happy with them. Got them for $2600nt.