Heads Up: Taishin & Uber overseas

Hi all,

Just a quick note for anyone using a personal card with Taishin on their Uber account.

Taishin have decided in their infinite wisdom that Uber overseas is evil and will decline requests from it by default for your safety :slight_smile: This is true regardless of the fare amount.

Call them and complain, or be stuck on the roadside in strange foreign lands.

When you call they’ll tell you that Uber is “high risk”, so just call every time you want to take an Uber and they’ll approve it. Immediately ask to speak to a manager at that point, and depending on your level of Chinese you’ll be able to make it work for “a month” (maybe, if it’s your second complaint).

I’m currently running this up the chain, and rejected the offer of making it “work for a year” to try and perform a bit of policy maker education :slight_smile: