Headset mic doesn't work to record?


Surely there’s a technical reason for this, but I’m clueless as to what that might be.

I’m trying to record onto cassette tape on a boom box (large portable CD/tape player). I have used the mic jack on it before and know that it works.

In this case, for a mic, I’m using a computer-style headset with attached mic. The hearing part is fine, but the voice never gets on the tape. It seems like the mic isn’t working, but I’m suspecting something else.

Can the mic on a computer headset be used as a recording mic?


Well, in what jack do you plug in the mic to your boom box? Does it have a special mic input? I am not sure what kind of mic you have, but usually you need a mic input that amplifies the signal, a regular line in might not work for you mic.

Maybe it has to do with, stereo or mono plug.