Health card taoyuan telephone/contact number?

as usual, i have problems with my employer based national health card. i called taipei and after surviving their “punch the number and hear a recording you can’t fathom” test they told me i have to talk to the taoyuan office. anyone have the contact numbers for this entity? preferably not such that leads me to another round of phone recordings.


You may need to prefix area code 03

438 1111
438 2222

You can usually press 0 or 9 to reach the switchboard. I doubt your are going to get service in English.

Correct me if I’m wrong. I heard that the reason some schools will not give a health card is because if they hadn’t in the past and they start now (maybe a few years later…) they will have to pay the charges for the previous years. So, it can be quite expensive to start giving the foreingers a health card when they haven’t in the past. PS. I don’t have a health card but I do have an ARC.

See this.

Thanks for the link Brax.
Who is at fault here? Little old me…or my boss?