Health care is ridiculous in the US



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Indeed, not much better in europe neither. Feel you. My mum had to walk like 600 meters to parking space, cause hospital is over the road, between are some old building from 80s, no one use em…Lol east europe. No underground parking, or drive in. We had to stop every 10 meters, it tooks us 2 hours. No wheelchair from nurses. Looked around and mum start yelling as long am not dead i can walk. With hell with wheelchairs. Slavic girls. Mother makes me annoyed cause she is super crazy and wife cause is super passive. Still deciding what is worse.

Health care is really strong side of taiwan.By many index taiwan is on top. Specially for their dollars they gettig a lot.

Some countries in EU might have better, system not sure about this. Is really hard to compare, but people paying def way more in EU for healthcare, let say at least around 3k euros per year, while in taiwan is like 1500 twd/month so like 20k twd max ~ like 600 euros.

Negative side of it, nurse works shitload of hours, and dochtors getting only a minute with patient. But do they really need more time in the end?


Pretty sure most, if not all, hospitals in the US have a pharmacy. You can fill a prescription on the way out. Prices are usually somewhat higher than at a Walgreens or other big box store, though.


hospitals may have, but most clinics don’t, and people usually go to clinics when they are sick, right?


That is probably true. And yes, many people go to an out-patient clinic rather than a hospital, if they don’t need the services of a hospital emergency room. And if you have the flu, then it’s no fun to have to find a pharmacy.



Enlighten us Jesus…what are “Asian work standards” ?


What do you think I mean?


India? Maybe Philippines? Vietnam?..could be Indonesia you’re talking about but then again you might be referring to Taiwan. I just don’t know. Please enlighten us


But how do you think these work standards are in my mind?


I mean without the doubt the US has better specialist doctors. But on average I don’t feel that the doctors there are noticibly any better.


That might be regional, but I do not remember hospitals having pharmacies in them. However, you are correct that there is usually a pharmacy within a mile or so from a hospital, and damn near everywhere else in the city. Target, Walmart, and many grocery stores have pharmacies in them. IIRC the convenience store conglomerate (quiktrip) was toying with get a pharmacy installed at some of its stores. I could be wrong.


On average doctors (or the way they attend patients and diagnose / treat them) suck a bit if you ask me. Among other things that annoyed the shit out of me, there’s one that I couldn’t believe it was happening. I was given certain medicine and I felt something pretty fucked up. I was reading about it (I wanted to know if I could drink wine while taking those pills) and hey, the pain I was feeling was a weird, fucked up side effect of that medicine. I investigated more (a lot actually) and that family of drugs is very controversial, and the one I was taking was not only “old” but not approved in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and other countrues. The HWO doesn’t even list it. Who know what the reason was for the ban, but there were much healthier, normal alternatives and I had to go and ask for changing the treatment. And I had to pay again the stupid visit. And after that I had to pay one or two more times because the idiotic doctor forgot to order certain analysis to the lab, although he told me he would do it.

I don’t like doctors in general, but here it gets ridiculous.