Health Check and Syphilis

I just got my health check certificate back from the hospital, which said I had passed. But I noticed something I thought was weird. Under the section for syphilis testing, I checked as negative, but a box with the initials RPR was checked. I know what this kind of test is but wonder why it was checked, given that it wasnt checked on my friend’s health certificate. The meaning of this in context confuses me. Does it just mean that they suspected a possibility of syphilis but I tested negative? Can somebody please shed some light on this for me.

P.S. I haven’t had sex for about a year (I am with a traditional old skool Chinese girl so have gone by her wishes, so syphlis would baffle the hell out of me.)

Maybe they used a different test for you?

I think “RPR” stands for the type of test:

Maybe they’re “testing” different tests? I dunno. Anyway if you passed, no worries – they definitely would have told you (and probably 150 other people in the waiting area :astonished: ) if you had tested positive.

Way OT but guys like you make women like me have more faith in men in general. :bravo: