Health check- don't wanna end up a voodoo doll :(

:frowning: Suggest a ‘nice’ place where all they do is draw blood. Don’t like the other tests. Don’t like the blood test either. Last time I had a physical in India, doc lady said I am ‘hypertensive’…docs spook me completely, hate 'em. Hate the EKGs, blood pressure checks, pre-prandial, post-prandial etc etc (all part of a health check in India where it takes 6-7 hrs).

This health check wont take longer than an hour at the most.Just do it,its not that bad.At least these days you dont have to poo poo anymore,hahaha.

I did it about a week ago. Chest x-ray, blood pressure, blood sample, weight, height, eye test and an interview with the doctor. He half heartedly listened to my chest, asked me about why I had Northern Ireland on my passport, told me about his trip to the UK. He answered no to all the questions on the form that he hadn’t asked me. Very easy and done in under an hour.

I went for my health check yesterday and like you I really hate needles but I have to be honest and say it really wasn’t that bad.

We went to the Aventist - because the staff speak English and it took less than an hour all in.

The blood test only took a second - the girl was really quick - the trick is just not to look no matter what and take a friend for moral support.

Good luck.