Health check for state school teachers

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I just have been offered a job at state school as a teacher of English. Contract has been sent to me and there is a medical health check that includes HIV test. For those who do not know my previous post, I am HIV positive on medications. I know that it is illegal to do HIV test in Taiwan for medical check up. I would be grateful for any information in this matters. Is it a case that school uses old documents or has something changed?

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Illegal contracts are par for the course. I’ve heard of teachers being fired for having HIV.

It used to be automatic deportation

Are you a native English speaker? If so, an HIV test should be the least of your concerns.

Thanks for the answer.
I am British, why do you think so?

It is illegal now according to the law. Have you heard about these situations recently?

What I heard was years ago. Often times the contract won’t be changed until it is required. I would ask your recruiter.

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Hi John,
If you’re a qualified teacher, I suggest an easier option is to work for a private school. If you’re a state certified teacher with a BEd, you’re not required to take any health check.
Just a thought.
Good luck