Health Check in times of covid?

I went to Renai hospital to get a health check as my ARC is set to expire soon so I need to renew it along with my work contract and work permit.

However, the hospital said they weren’t doing them at the moment due to pandemic and I really need to get one done to renew my ARC. Does anyone have any idea what I should do?

I was thinking maybe a private hospital might do it, but not sure if there is a list available of hospitals currently offering it. Wondering if anyone here might have heard of such a thing / if its even possible at the moment.

Best people to ask would be the immigration centre.

Here’s a list from the CDC posted in another thread recently. List was updated last week.


I’m in the same situation. My ARC expires on the 2nd of July. I don’t qualify for the current 30 day extension and it is not possible to get a health check as Hospitals are not currently able to perform them.

I went to the Immigration department and as told just to wait. I will go again on Thursday who’s is the only day I have any time off work.

With the work permit, my boss was able to get a valid work permit without the health check. I don’t know how.

I would like some clarity but it’s not possible at the moment as is typical of governments around the world. So I just sit in limbo.

Go to Mackay Memorial hospital - they are a private hospital that can do it. I know, because I got my health check done very recently there. :wink:

The gov hospitals are currently assigned to all things COVID right now, so you cannot get one there.

Cost is $2050 NT


  • 3 passport photos

  • ARC

  • Passport

  • Health card


I tried Mackay. They said no. Wait until maybe september?

I need my work permit now pretty much.

I understand I could go in and work illegally, but I’m not willing to do that. Any ideas on what I can do? Private hospitals are even turning me away.

Adventist said no too?

Did you already ask to WDA?

i googled the term and all i got was workforce development agency. not sure what that means

They handle work permits, if you are not a public school teacher.

If you are a school teacher, Ministry of Education.

got it, thank you . ill check it out

The MOE is waving the need for the health check. You can go to immigration update your ARC.

Wow really? Source?

Hopefully it’ll be permanent.

say what?! when did this happen? I went to immigration last thursday and they sent me to a hospitals doing checks…

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But I need health check for work permit. Are you telling me I no longer need a health check for work permit?

I gotta go for a Heath check this week (prob Wednesday) I’ll ask and update you and let you know if it’s necessary or not

thats the thing, don’t you need to have your work place mail your health check and diploma off in order to get the work permit which in turn gets you the arc? I haven’t heard anything like this.

im getting about 13 different answers for this. Some say your arc is extended automatically for a month, some say it isn’t, some say you need a health check, some say you dont now…

anybody have a number we can dial?

I don’t know where this guy is getting his info, I just called local immigration and you do still need a health check for your arc.

If you have any luck, let us know which hospital you go to.

Honestly, it’s a hot mess.The options for those at the end of a contract or starting a new job seem to be:

  1. Work illegally (I do not recommend this)
  2. Don’t work or earn money until hospitals decide to start processing health checks again.

this is 100% agree with. The fact that the hospitals and the government haven’t coordinated anything is an absolute joke. I know a guy who went to a hospital doing health checks the other day he said if he doesn’t have covid yet, he will now, because the hospital was an absolutely mug fest. People pilled on top of each other doing health checks.

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