Health Check Question (for JFRV): Should he wait?

Here is a hypothetical situation which may be facing my friend? He has married a Taiwanese woman and will apply for a JFRV. However, while on holiday in California, his medical condition flared up forcing him to self medicate by smoking marijuana. When he returns he plans to take his health exam. His medical condition has not required him to consume any other questionable substances and his criminal record check will have one month of validity remaining. Would he be better off waiting for a couple of weeks or will he be ok to go ahead and take the health check?

THC is not one of the drugs they test for.

Amphetamine is.

Well, judging from the infestation of Canadians that blight this lovely isle, the authorities are obviously not testing for Caribbean gold.

This is anecdotal evidence but it does support the answer given by Citizen K, and it’s what everyone wants to hear. Thanks for the replies.

Hope that health condition clears up.

The above info is accurate, or was in Jan. 2008.