HI where to find ? Protein Bars

GNC has basicaly nothing as its imports only a small part of its product range, most pharamacies seem to have nothing ?

Watsons/Cosmed have nothing too…

So where to buy Protein bars , anybody know any speicalist shops ?


You could try any of the local gyms, but beware, they are not cheap… About $100-120, if I remember correctly. Definitely not good value…

Try Powerhouse… one behind Sogo and one in Tienmu… but very spendy. Might be worth it to get some whey protein and make some yourself.

I have not found any protein bars either for an ok price. In fact, COSTCO is the only place I have found that has good protein powder. They have a very good price bucket of whey protein with very high protein G and low carbs.

I have looked more than once, in all the places that were so far suggested. There is nothing here that could be defined as a true sports bar, much less a protein bar, such as a Protein Plus. As far as I can tell, anyone who has any in Taiwan are having them mailed in by family or buying them on the web. If they were here, they would be very, very expensive. Even the crappy granola bars that are just starting to become available are way overpriced. Sorry.

I haven’t been able to find anything good either. I’m basically looking for something low-carb, low-fat, with high-protein not so important. I got something OKish, but not high in portein at Jasons and City Super. I checked out the ones at California, but they were pretty high in sugar and fat. Not much better than a chocolate bar. The only one that looked OK cost nearly 200NT each.

So anyone know where to find a diet snack bar?

Protein/diet shakes are almost as dire. The stuff at California’s not that good, and pretty expensive. I had some slightly better stuff from Jasons, but they don’t seem to have it anymore.

So info on good diet shakes would be great too.


I used to make an egg white Biscotti if my X would not do it for me.

Lots of egg whites, almonds and a little sugar and flour. Great tasting snack and could get you part of the way there to the extra protein.

I owned one of the biggest supplement outlets in Melbourne at the time so getting cheap supplements was not a problem, the Biscotti was just the best way to go.

Recipe? Maybe there are some on the net.

In my search, I bumped into Atkins bars somewhere, but for the life of me, I can’t remember where now. It had to be within the small network of high-priced Western food sources in Taipei (Jason’s, etc). Something that you might already know – different branches of the same store (like Jason’s) do not always carry the same items. I’ve found things at the XinYi store that weren’t in the Tienmu store and vice versa. The only place that you’re guaranteed not to find anything is GNC, which is pretty bizarre.

Maybe some enterprising Aussie lad might want to set up a local outlet for fitness supplement products, like real snack bars for example. :wink:

Here in the states… I make my own bars… There is a good supply of protein mix to help me make my food… I buy 100lb buckets of pure whey non flavored and flavored protein mix at time… then I make my food they way…

I am coming to Taiwan ASAP after my university graduation in Dec…

Hope that I am not going to have a hard time finding… My basic ingredients… to make my stuff… or I might be in a real hurt… I eat a ton of food thought the day… I need 3500 calories a day just to maintain… that does not include the additional calories I need to replace when I do cardio…

You could also try having bars, protein, etc shipped in from an online dealer such as

Just a thought.

[quote]You could also try having bars, protein, etc shipped in from an online dealer such as

Just a thought.[/quote]

The cost is just too great compared to the cost I can make them myself…

I really do not eat bars that often… I go with shakes…

16 oz skilm milk
1 cup Oates (uncooked oatmeal)
20ml of Olive oil or 1 oz of unsalted nuts (I like pecans)
1 piece of fruit
6 powdered egg whites
1/2 cup ice
little honey…sometimes

Put in a blender and you have one good shake… very healthy shake…I have this 5 times a day ( plus veggies all day and egg whites/milk before bed) and it cost me $4.00 USD a day… That is for everything

I here some of the bars in Taiwan can cost $2-4 USD… and that is for one…I think I will go with my way… I do not thnk I will make that much as a teacher… :laughing:

It may sound blah… boring… but it works to put on muscle (milk and egg whites are two of the best forms of protein you can have… whey is comes from milk… but whey is only good by itself right after a wookout…because it digest within 30min… egg and milk take 3-4 hours…)… and it is cheap… and easy… no big deal just a few things and a blender…

You really look foreward to those dinners out with your GF or friends… :smiley: …just do not order milk/eggs/or oatmeal…

Fry or boil some eggs (the most complete natural protein you can buy) up the night before.

I dont know why people bother with protein bars and shit like that. THey are completely unnecessary and over-priced. Dont forget that they are made for consumers primarily for profit, as opposed to some magic means of getting protein into your body’s system.

go with eggs or chicken.


YOu can’t find much in Taiwan, but I kow you can get this and it’s good stuff, high quality and if you are not satisfied, you get your money back. Let me know if you are interested. I work in this industry in Canada for along time, so if you ahve any other questions, let me know.

Listen to Macgerkin, shanem2778, and Ironman. They know what they are talking about.

Egg white had the lowest calories to high protein ratio if you’re try to slim down without losing too much of muscle mass. If not, just eat a lot of beef, chicken, and fish! They are all good source of protein for bulking up phrase!! :wink:

Costco carries these now.
I didn’t get any, but I believe they were 996nt for a box of 15.
I thought that was expensive, but it’s actually cheaper that the Weider website, which is charging 39.99 USD for a box.

A good friend of mine works for this company and I am going to put in an order for some protein bars and powder, anyone interested? … out_us.php

What are you ordering?
I might be interested if the price is right.

[quote=“careyteacher”]A good friend of mine works for this company and I am going to put in an order for some protein bars and powder, anyone interested? … out_us.php[/quote]

Expect to get hit with a hefty import tax if it’s over US$100 worth of goods, which I can’t imagine it not going above that.

For bars, they’re pretty easy to make if you have protein powder and an oven. I make my own based on recipes from Precision Nutrition and they’re better than anything you can buy.

Here’s a recipe that’s similar to mine: … otein-bars