Health insurance and a second work permit

I have a question about getting a second work permit. An employer is getting one for me and says she has a problem because she needs to buy insurance for me. The new insurance number is neccessary for the second work permit. Excuse me, but I already have insurance. Why does she need to apply for more if I already have insurance? The insurance I have is just fine.
I have another question as well. The reason I am applying for a second work permit is that I am not working enough hours at my first job. I went to the immigration office today and they said I will not need to have my new job sponsor my ARC as my second job will put me well over the number of hours required for one. It won’t matter that the first job is under the required number as long as I have enough hours total. I got this information from immigration, but my spider-senses are still tingling about this. :ponder: Does anyone else have any information? Thanks.

I can’t wait to get my APRC and then I won’t have these issues.