Health Insurance for Australia?

Plan to be there for 4-6 weeks with Tawanese gf, but don’t have tickets yet. Havn’t looked into health cover, and would be interested in any recommendations.

UK has reciprocal cover with the Australian National Health Service but that’s only for UK residents, which I probably wouldn’t be able to impersonate successfully, and Taiwanette certainly wouldn’t.

I think the Taiwan national health insurance provides emergency cover abroad but I assume the difference in medical costs will erode this, though maybe not as badly for Australia as it would for the US.

Not sure about Australia but I think it as the same between U.S. and Taiwan. I know that a friend went the U.S. and needed a doctor’s visit. He had to pay himself but got receipts and when he got back to Taiwan, he submitted the receipts at the NHI 7th floor and was reimbursed.