Health insurance for foriegn spouse?

Can anyone help by supplying information regarding National Health Insurance for foriegn a spouse. Is it possibly to obtain National Helath Insurance (i.e. Government Helath Insurance) on just being married to a Taiwanese? Because I was informed that I can only be eligible for the National Helath Insurance through work. The reason I’m inquiring is that the company I’m employed at currently seems reluctant to process the application for health insurance. Just want to be covered regarding my health incase something unforseeable occurs.

Yes, a foreign spouse can be covered under the NHI. I have had my husband insured through my employer and I pay the same rate for him as I do for myself. Right now, we are both currently working for the same company, so they just deduct out of my pay. Also, when I do stop working (we are expecting), they will insure all three of us and deduct it out of his pay.


My National Health Insurance is through my wife, not my employer. So, yes, it’s possible.

I think it costs us around NT$500 per month.

We pay about $250 per person through our employer. As long as you are registered under her Household Registration, it shouldn’t be a problem.