Health Insurance for unemployed pregnant taiwanese


Can somebody please tell me if I could collect any cash or benefits from the health insurance or get any benefits from the labor insurance department when I am pregnant and unemployed? How?

Your input would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

Belle :unamused:

I’m sorry to say that I don’t know HOW, but I believe it is possible for you to get health insurance. Go to the headquarters for the department of health. Surely they could tell you. I do wish I could do more than incourage you.

But I hope I can encourage you. I’m a foreigner and didn’t have health insurance at the time I became pregnant. I was still trying to get all the paperwork for my marriag visa and couldn’t be covered by my husband’s insurance. It was VERY expensive.

So go and do what ever you have to do, talk to whomever it takes. You NEED health insurance. Your baby needs it. So MAKE someone listen to you and get you insured. I remember hearing that you will qualify just because of pregnancy.