Health insurance -- legal or not?

National health insurance cards remain valid for a whole year after being issued, but can they still be legally used here if you are no longer a resident with ARC etc, but have left the country to return on a visitor’s visa?
More to the point i guess, is not “can they still be used” as I’m sure hospitals/dentists will honor the cards. More to the point is: is such use fraudulent and therefore risky?

This is probably not an issue now since the new IC cards have been issued. I assume that if your ARC was cancelled, the “computer system” would probably be updated fairly quickly to know that you were ineligible …

But … does anyone else have more detailed information on this?

I’d like to try and revive this one as I have the same question…my old ARC (no longer valid) was set to expire month end and I still have the accompanying health card.

Been putting off a trip to doctor until I get my new ARC and insurance (likely a month away). Someone MUST know. Will this old card work in the meantime??

Just go to a hospital or clinic and try to use it. They’ll tell you right away if the computer won’t accept it. Don’t say you’re wondering if you can use it or anything – just walk up to the counter and plunk it down with confidence.
There’s no reason to be embarrassed, which is what is holding you back (I’m guessing). They’re not going to arrest you; if it is no good, they’ll just assume you misunderstood, being a clueless foreigner.

What bababa said. Don’t put off that trip to the doctor. If it’s not valid, they’ll probably tell you to pay in cash and bring in your new card within a few days to be reimbursed the difference, as our neighborhood doctor did with me.