Health Insurance Premiums with Two or More Jobs

I’m a bit confused about how the NHI calculates your premiums. Its clear that that the primary employer is responsible for making contributions but how does it work if you have multiple employers, each paying you similar or equal salaries? or other independent sources of income? My company wants to split my income between two of their subsidiaries (separately registered companies) and have only one make contributions on 50% of my current salary. Obviously, this seems like a ploy to save them some cash or shift the premiums onto me, but I can’t find any info on the NHI site about this situation, and what shortfall I’ll be responsible for it they do this. Of course, they tell me I only need to pay NHI premiums on my reported income with the one primary company and am not responsible for making up any difference, but this seem preposterous to me.

The company that holds your ARC is responsible for 50 % of the health care card. Your health care card is 660 NT per month, this is standard for all residents in Taiwan. There is no calculation other than this, it has nothing to do with wages. This makes you responsible for the other 50 %, which is 330 NT per month. Your company will most likely deduct 330 nt that you owe from your pay, and pay it totally for you. Saving you the time and effort in going to a National health office and then the 7 11 to pay it. 330 nt is about a little over 10 US dollars for which you get access to hospitals, dentists, alternative Chinese doctors and sometimes medicine… your getting a fantastic deal here… we all are here in Taiwan.

Not true. The calculation is based on your wages, and is around 6% of your gross income. The government pays 10%, your company pays 60% or 70%, and you pay the rest

I’m sorry, but I disagree with you… I’ve always paid 1/2 of my health care cost… which for years has been 330 nt… regardless of my employment or difference in wages… so if you are right, then how can this be with me…? Please enlighten me… thanks

You can calculate it here: … ta_id=3153

Most people here will be class 1, “Employees of publicly or privately owned enterprises or institutions” or “Private school teachers”. In the former case the employer pays 60% (I couldn’t remember when I posted above if it was 60 or 70) while in the latter it’s 35%. In both cases the employee pays 30%.

If you’re only paying 330NT you’re being counted as a Bracket 1 employee (monthly income level below NT$22,800), which should mean you only pay 270NT per month. The additional 60NT would normally be a “supplementary premium”. If I recall correctly this is basically the difference between your actual salary and the minimum salary in your wage bracket, multiplied by 0.02. In my experience the sum of this and the wage bracket rate will take you to around 6%, give or take a bit (unless you’re earning significantly higher than the bracket ten wages, which will obviously skew the numbers quite a bit).