Health insurance

So I’m packing it in next month to return to Planet North America. I’ll be in San Francisco for a month and then in various Canadian cities. I have no health coverage in either country because a.) I declared non-residency in Canada and therefore lost my provincial health care card when I came here, and b.) my health insurance ended when I quit my job in the states 6 years ago. It takes 3 months to get another provincial health care card (I plan on residing in Canada).

I don’t really like the idea of going without health coverage for so long, especially in the states where we all know how expensive it is when you don’t have insurance… what if there is an emergency and I need to see a Dr.? Should I buy traveller’s insurance here in Taiwan before I leave? I mean, what if i break my arm or get apendicitis (KNOCK ON WOOD THAT I DON’T)?? That would be thousands of dollars in the states AND Canada to get sorted without health coverage.

I need advice… what would you do?

EDIT:: I have looked into getting traveller’s health insurance through my CIBC credit card as well as my RBC one… both offer GREAT packages… if you have a provincial health care card and are residing IN Canada.

I was visiting the US for about 2 months one summer and I found it was cheaper to just get short-term medical coverage than get the insurance from the airport. I got it through Assurant, but I don’t know if you can use it in Canada.

Is that a Taiwan-based company? Would it matter that I wouldn’t be returning to Taiwan? If something did happen I would have to send the receipts here, na?

Got a link??