Healthier version of breakfast shop soy sauce 醬油膏

The kids and I love that sweet soy sauce.
I know soy sauce is not exactly healthy but the ingredients in the brand available in our local breakfast supply shop is ridiculous. It looks like it came from a Science lab.
I’m looking for a higher end brand with more natural ingredients or a way to fix up an already existing creamy soy sauce to get that sweet flavor.

If I understand correctly, the main difference is more sugar and some sort of starch. You could try making your own with corn starch. At least then you know what’s inside…



It contains a lot of preservatives and additives. At Pxmart they sell soy sauce from this brand which is free of additives.
This product only contains the following ingredients,

This product only contains the following ingredients,

He’s after the gloopy one though…

Is that what they call 豆瓣醬?

Here’s the kind of soybean paste (醬油膏) I use at home, along with the ingredients. Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for, but this one doesn’t seem to have chemicals. I get it at PX Mart.

It comes from a science lab, the natural fermented comes from a backyard.

No that’s different again. :slight_smile:

See the ingredients, pre-fermented (black) soybeans from China. This is a typical Taiwanese fake soy sauce, albeit of the thickened variety. The real recipe involves fermenting soybeans, with wheat flour as fermentation substrate, for months. Too hard for many local manufacturers.

And eventually they add caramel to get the sweet sticky one.

One of the all-organic brands (it might be that one) also makes a thick version.

Sorry, OP, but are you and your kids, like, doing shots of this stuff?
Because otherwise I can’t see how you’re possibly taking in enough of it for this to be a concern, unless it suddenly comes out that it has active uranium in it or some :tent: deal…

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There seems to be more small scale producers of organic and otherwise higher quality condiments these days. The store near the entrance of the food court at Maji Square has a lot, and the Farmer’s Market there is worth a look on weekends. Places like Eslites, Huashan, Songshan art village etc. are worth a look

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There’s quite a few local organic or small scale ‘natural’ producers as mentioned.

There’s a documentary where the son of one of these soya sauce guys decided he would make natural fermented soya sauce and they all said he was crazy. Can’t remember the brand, maybe the one above ?

We don’t take shots of the stuff but I like my Danbing to take a little swim. :slight_smile:
In general, I don’t like artificial stuff like preservatives and I like my stuff to have recognizable ingredients.
Some people are not sure of what I want. It’s basically the normal soy sauce, the danbing shops, onion oil cake shops and dumpling shops give you. You’ve all must have tasted.It’s a little sweeter than all-purpose or creamy soy sauce. The creamy soy sauce we get now has too strong of a taste. I used to like Pressident/Kinkomen’s version but that was discontinued.
This morning I added a sprinkling of sugar to the danbing and it was closer to the taste.
Thanks for your suggestions.
I make my own danbings at home.

Oyster sauce?

Sugar on a danbing? I prefer salt and pepper.
Since it is 醬油膏 you are looking for, this seems to be a “healthier” version w/o preservatives, etc
成分: 非基因改造黃豆、小麥、食鹽、砂糖、澱粉。

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Yeah, sugar on a danbing. Just a little. I thought I’d give it a try.
If it works on a blintz, why not?
Thanks for the link. …
I would just like “healthier” or at least a sauce that resembled what they ate 30 years ago before these preservatives were invented.

No judging, but IIWY I’d worry more about the :tent: massive amounts of salt (in commercial AND organic recipes) you’re taking in rather than traces of additives that may or not may not be harmful.

Honestly I don’t understand what’s so wrong with salt. I can’t ever see a big difference in my blood pressure whether I eat too much salt or not.

As long as you drink enough water to keep your body balanced I think you will be fine. You’ll know right away if you ate enough salt for there to be a problem. I don’t like eating bland food.

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