Healthier version of breakfast shop soy sauce 醬油膏

No, it’s 醬油膏.

Wait a few years…

Well there’s often something else causing hypertension. Sometimes the body just somehow wants to raise blood pressure.

Not sure eating less salt is going to matter much.

In about five per cent of cases you could have primary aldosteronism causing hypertension, basically a tumour on the adrenal glands. It’s a chance for sure , although a lower one.

Major salt intake comes from processed foods not what you sprinkle on your fried egg or toast. Processed and packaged foods, as well as eating out meals have a higher salt content than what you would use at home.

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You can also balance the salt with sugar. A lot of quality sauce products do that.

Add in fat and alcohol and you’ll have lots of tasty food and a great time!

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If anyone is interested, there are now widely available low-salt versions of both jiang4you2 (thin soy sauce) and jiang4you2gao1 (thick kind). Look for 薄 鹽 bo2yan2 or 低鹽 di1yan2 on the label. (I can’t speak to what other ingredients such as preservatives they have, as I don’t have any on hand at the moment.)