Healthy Breakfast Ideas (in Taiwan)

I thought google would answer this one for me, but it’s being ass…

I started eating breakfast regularly last month and there has been a noticeable difference in how I feel at the start of the day. My current favorite is oatmeal (Quaker Instant Oatmeal from Costco) and before that I was eating a lot of cearl (some all natuarak brand in a can from Welcome.)

I might start getting fancy and putting fruit in my oatmeal or something. Bagels seem like a good idea. Others? What do you do for your healthy breakfast?

soy milk banana smoothie with honey. if i get a ride in on that day i will top off with a small bowl of mixed cereals and fruit.

Yogurt and fruit, with seeds, honey and cinnamon. Jasons has good yogurt with no sugar. :lick:

I like eating the Muesli that you can get from Welcome, Carrefour etc. It comes in clear plastic bags and has a large variety of grains and dried fruit. I think it is made in Australia. Add regular milk or soy milk, and you should be fine. Maybe eat an apple as desert.

Ah yes, yogart. My friend back home was telling me about how yogart is filled with all kinds of goodnesses for your health.

Considered one of the five healthiest foods. City Super has imported organic yoghurt from the US.

As for your quick oats, go slow. The quick ones have very little nutrition left in them.

I like the drinkable yogurt they have in the convenience stores. One is enough to tie me to late lunch time. Is it (too) fattening?

I have a fairly unhealthy tuna or bacon danbing and cup of coffee for breakfast usually, but I often follow up on it with some fruit. There’s really quite a lot of fruit to choose from. Go for some Asian pears (水梨) or those big, sweet Japanese grapes, or canteloupe, or nectarines, or yellow watermelon, or dragonfruit. You just missed the season for Aiwen mangoes (愛文芒果) and lychees. With all these interesting choices, I don’t know why anyone who settle for boring old apples and bananas.

A glass of V8…and if I’m extra hungry, a piece of whole wheat toast.

jasons has a good supply of NZ and Danish yoghurt

Um, I guess a pot of coffee and pack of smokes doesn’t really cut it, does it?

toast with peanut butter (and jam)

6 to a dozen egg whites.
1 or 2 whole wheat bagel(s)

Depending on my fitness level, I will consume 12 egg whites and 2 bagels every morning after a session of cardio.

Pour extra virgin olive oil in the pan and use paper towel to mop up the excess. I would usually use Pam nonstick spray but it’s unavailable here in Taiwan. Seperate the eggs and scramble them in the pan. I would used black pepper and red pepper for seasoning and/or possibly some Ketchup or Vietnamese hotsauce (red sauce that you use to spice Pho).

Toast the bagels and sprinkle garlic powder all over them.

If I wasn’t tired or lazy, I would chop up bell peppers, onions, garlic (blended to make a paste), and sprouts to add to the eggs. I would also spread the garlic paste across the bagels.

Multivitamins and off to start the day.

I used to inject Vitamin b-12 to up my metabolic rate and my appetite so I could make sure that I would be eating the required amount of protien per pound of bodyweigth. But seeing as though the recommendation of 2 grams per pound was a tad too much (280lbs x 2), I would try to consume at least 300 grams per day. I’d go through a bottle of protien every 10 days or so. Two weeks max. The gas was terrible. hahaha.

[quote=“M0NSTER”]6 to a dozen egg whites.
1 or 2 whole wheat bagel(s)[/quote]

No offense intended, MONSTER, but you recently referred to yourself as cannon fodder. Do you think your hearty breakfasts might have something to do with that? Second question: what do you do with all the egg yolks?

As for me, granola & fruit is one option; bagel or scone with fruit is another. I try to have fruit for breakfast often, though sometimes I’ll pick up a dan bing or fan twan and soy milk at the corner breakfast place instead.

CannonFodder is in reference to certain situations/aspects of my life that I seem to get myself into and my inability to ever break a 3:1 ratio playing CS or DoD. Heh.

Check my link. I’m a prime example of what Taiwan ‘freedom’ (Why? Because you can attitude) can do to a lifestyle. I looked like that when I had arrived in Taiwan and I’m now a beer guzzlin (see: borderline alcholic), greasy food eatin, typical foreigner.

Edit: the egg yolks end up in the drain. Back home you can get small cartons containing 8 to 10 egg whites only. Pretty convenient.

on weekdays I just have something basic, such as-
cereal, yoghurt and a banana

on weekends when I have more time, I might do-
scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on wheat bagels or rye bread

Yoghurt (<-- What’s up with that spelling?) is probably the best thing I got out of this thread. I’m looking forward to seeing what I find at Costco this weekend.

I stopped drinking milk so cereal isn’t so inviting anymore (though it’s OK with soy milk.)

I slowly tire of things and have been eating oatmeal the past 2 weeks (yum!)

Try granola with applejuice. Seriously.

Try granola with applejuice. Seriously.[/quote]
Will do on my next shopping adventure. I was having “trouble with gas” and a friend told me it might because because I’m (slightly) lactose intolerant. Cutting out the milk totally fixed it. I’m sure I get enough calcium from cheese burgers or something.

No-stick spray can be made at home. Good oil (olive or canola), and a good small water sprayer. Easy eh?

The wife made me a nice egg dam bing. Her pregnancy has meant 5Lb gain for me.