Healthy food in Taiwan?

I’m bored of cooking and would like to find some local food to eat. Can anyone reccommend some suggestions of widely available foods which are healthy? Is it possible to avoid food which is deep fried or stewed?
I’m almost vegetarian - I just eat chicken.


Have a look around the self-service cafeteria places. There is usually plenty of choice. The food is mostly stir-fried. Some of the vegetarian ones are pretty good, and they usually have a choice of white or brown rice. Have you been to Grace’s “no MSG” cafeteria in the Shida night market area? I used to have lunch there most days and never got bored of it. There is a veggy cafeteria just two doors away from it.

The biggest problem with Taiwanese food, I find, is lack of fibre. I have been supplementing my intake with All-Bran, which you can get from Wellcome (Dinghao) supermarkets or Florida Bakery. (Quite expensive.)

p.s. Perhaps you could be so kind as to tell us where you live. You can put it in your profile.

According to my doctor all food is healthy…it’s the quantities we eat that aren’t. :slight_smile:

I’m almost vegatarian also.

I only eat chicken, beef, fish, pork, lamb, shell fish, oysters, clams, muscles, duck, deer, and a few others. There are lots of animals I don’t eat.

So, I’m ‘almost’ a vegatarian.

Vegatarian = old American Indian word for …“Lousy hunter.”

OK maybe should rephrase my description of myself. Just to clarify matters. I am not at all vegetarian but I dislike the taste, appearance and texture of all meat with the exception of chicken.

Pick up the september issue of “Discover Taipei” at the MRT stations. They have an article on “Organic foods” if you are interested.