Hearing fighter jets at 6am in Taipei City

Anyone else hearing the jets this early morning? Can’t remember the last time (or if ever) I’ve heard fighter jets flying around Taipei at this time of the day. Reminding me of my couple years in Hualien, hearing them roaring around on most mornings.


Double Ten day practice maybe


Its funny you say that. Yesterday I heard one and I thought to myself “its 5:50 a.m about a week before 10/10, isn’t it?”. Rolled over to check my phone. Sure enough, it was 5:50 a.m., though we’re only about 5 days from 10/10 yesterday

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Yep, happens every year.


Remember the phrase.
“Wo shi wai guo ren.”
“Lai zhe li gong zuo.”

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Ah right, that could very well be it, forgot we had this holiday coming up…

Maybe only a plane trigger rain to overcome drought.
Yes, they use fighter jet now to make rain.

Yeah but’s its literally always this loud in the 2-3 weeks leading up to 10/10. I live and work close enough to the airport and have for three years now.

Explained here, for some reason temped…


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Interesting yours got temped. Im currently watching five helicopters flying taking off and landing. In the past they carried a giant TW flag between two. Maybe that’s next in my personal air show?

And yeah, they were having fun I’d say a bit earlier than 6.

Three what looked like Mirage fighters flew over us Tuesday around 11 am in Hsinchu by the ocean. Really low and loud.

I thought I was in a time warp to the 1980s.

Next year, new topic.

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We may have a new one tomorrow morning :slight_smile: