Heart, Wilson sisters and TAS


My wife and I were listening to the radio (UFO) yesterday morning…well, I was “half listening” since I don’t speak Chinese. But I heard the d.j. play several “Heart” songs in a row. “Heart” was a late 1970’s group fronted by two sisters named Ann and Nancy Wilson.

When I was in junior college I was in love/lust with both of them. I sent both of them marriage proposals but never heard back.

Without telling my wife that (hope she doesn’t find this post!), I did ask her, “what’s the deal with the “Heart” songs”.

She said the d.j. said the Wilson sisters went to Taipei American School.

Is that true? If so that makes them the most famous alumni of TAS.

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It seems to be true, Fansites said they grew up in Southern California and Taiwan. Their father was a marine corps captain, could that be what brought them here ?

Tim Russ of Star Trek used to live in Tainan


Rumor has it,

Betty ting-pei, Bruce lees girlfriend (he died in here shower) went to TAS.



I always thought they were from Seattle! What is the truth???


Hey, Sharky, quit with the philosphical questions already, will ya? :wink:


The Boomtown Rats said it best:

“the only truth is there is no truth, ya ya ya, bob she bob she bob!”


Fan bios seem to suggest they are from the US and lived in Taiwan.

However, I’ve seen the TAS book (The Ties that Bind, by Richard Vuylsteke) and don’t recall any mention of them, or any other famous TAS students for that matter. Despite glowing reviews for the book from the Taiwan Review (formerly Free China Review), it is odd the author would overlook trivia like this.