Hearty congrats

Allow me to be the first to congratulate hexuan on his new role as moderator of the Teaching in Taiwan forum. Well done old chap. If any of those meanies out there take a cheap shot at you for neither Teaching nor being in Taiwan , just ignore them.
Can I have a forum to moderate too? Perhaps a new “etiquette in Taiwan” forum along the lines of Emily Post?

I will suggest a Sitting About on One’s Arse in Rural Ireland forum for you to moderate. I imagine it would be a roaring success ! :laughing:

Ah, monkey…
For your information, NONE of the mods of this forum are presently teaching. And only one, yours truly, is in Taiwan!

But I’d have to say that an accumulated 20+ years in the field of TESOL is nothing to turn your nose up at, and our little Irish idler should be getting his hands dirty from whiteboard markers quite soon…

I don’t see any problem with a moderator neither teaching nor being in Taiwan. Huxuan has made (for me) some insightful and interesting contributions to many of the forums and appears to have lots to offer from both a teaching and a Taiwan point of view.