Heat Rate Monitors

I need to buy a cordless heart rate monitor, preferably by Polar, even more preferably the Polar A3. does anyone know any good fitness shops or online shops (based in TW, HK or China) where I can get one of these?

Have you tried pharmacies around the hospitals? I never paid attention when I went to my pharmacy opposite of Tri-Service General Hospital. But they seem to carry serious-looking foreign-made products. You might want to try places around better hospitals than our little, crappy one, I guess.


Most malls have those small stores that sell steppers, treadmills, vibrating foot things etc. I’d try there too.

l saw some polar ones in one of the Gonguan sport stores. The one on the road that runs from starbucks to tingzhou jie l think it was. I bought mine through ebay though because l couldn’t find them here a year ago.

Hope you find it. My Taiwanese cycling buddies just can not understand why anybody would want a heart rate monitor.

Note they are not exactly doing well in heart rate related sports like running and cycling.

One girl wanted to know why I wore a bra that only covered the nipples.

You would be suprised how much $ you will save buying online from a US shop. REI, pricepoint, JensonUSA… to name but a few.

Check these.

Also, I’ve just remembered. Good cycling shops will have a few brands of heart rate monitor.