Heaters: Who needs 'em?

I saw a thread on FB and it reminded me how stingy (unique) the collection of foreigners on Taiwan are. Many people survive without heaters here and think it would be a waste of money. What say ye?

  • Buy a heater are you crazy it’s a tropical island! I need that money for my daily biandang
  • Hot Air Heater
  • Oil Heater
  • Halogen Heater (Infra-red)
  • Underfloor heating/Central Heating/Inverter
  • I get through the Winter by Horizontal Jogging

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So at the moment it looks like 1/4 of our folks here live like Scrooge/Fred Flintstone/That Survivor Guy , the rest of us with more money and sense or sporting a weaker constitution partake of a wide range of options, space heaters and AC heating predominating.

I have a halogen heater love em.

Optimus 9" Dish Heater

Buy space heaters on Houzz

I have considered it but I got a micro fleece cover for my blanket and some heat teach long johns and inner layers and that’s sufficient for me. Also a heating pad.

Heated blankets (placed on the mattress and under the fitted bedsheet) are da bomb in the winter.
I get the best and deepest sleep from them.


Oh yeah I have a couple of them, they are GREAT.

Where did you guys cop your heated blankies?

Costco/Amazon for all your heating needs…

Honestly, heaters are totally unnecessary in Taiwan, at least where I live in Taipei. It just doesn’t get cold enough. I haven’t even worn by down jacket in years, and don’t sleep with a comforter…just a thin blanket is fine even on the coldest nights.


I like to be warm and comfortable in my home, and not just in bed. When my landlord offered to buy an A/C unit for my living room if I resigned another lease, I had him get one with a heating function. Love it!

Since my bedroom is in the corner of the building (concrete walls are not great insulation!), I use one of those oil/radiant heaters.

Haven’t had to turn the bedroom heater on yet, but ran the living room one a couple of times recently just because I can and utilities in Taiwan are crazy cheap. It’s worth it to me to pay a little to be comfortable.

This was what my first heater was several years ago. Works great if it pointed directly at you, but it is SUPER bright!

Every Chinese New Year I visit my aunt and uncle in Keelung. Fuck it’s cold there! I hate wearing a coat inside the house, it just feels so wrong to me.

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It is a bloody tropical island. If you feel cold, have a hot toddy and go to bed!

Technically, just southern Taiwan is in the subtropics.

It’s mostly the humidity that makes it feel so cold to me. Colorado temperature gets much lower, but it’s a dry cold. Wet cold is to the bone!


Hence the hot toddy.

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IRL, the whole island is a sweaty tropical jungle.

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Its the lack of insulation, shitty windows, cold concrete.


Speaking of warm adult beverages, I’ve been wanting to introduce my office mates to hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps. However, I haven’t found any peppermint schnapps here. Anybody seen it?

Those these past few winters have been quite mild.

Sweaty…Most of the year !



Back in the 80s, it actually did get pretty cold for significant periods of time. Unfortunately, those days are long gone.

TIL, you’re not a 'Murican clown.

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I haven’t, but hot chocolate goes well with Grand Marnier, which is readily available.