Heavy metal and hardcore/punk

I’ve arrived in Taipei since less than 1 month. Anyone who knows good heavy metal/punk/hardcore shops, clubs, bars in Taipei?
Anyone into anarchist hardcore, political grindcore, thrash and speed metal?


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Most Taiwanese are into fluffy saccharine dance pop. You’ll be deeply annoyed by it very quickly, especially as they blast it LOUDLY over loudspeakers seemingly everywhere in public.

For some reason Taiwanese kids just aren’t into rock’n’roll. Very few of them. For rebellion most of them seem to be into hip hop, for some reason - perhaps because they can’t understand the lyrics it’s less threatening musically than hard rock. How many times have I been in coffeeshop or someplace and there’s some outrageously obscene rap song blasting all over the store, while the Taiwanese walk about obliviously, not understanding a single “muthafucka bitch pussy”. Eminem is popular here (giggles) and the fans don’t understand a single word. When I’ve explained to them the words of what they’ve been listening to, their jaws drop in horror.

I saw a punk rock shop one day walking down a side street… it was around this bar called Juliana… in that area

yah… i think its funny too… when you are in a resturant and obscene rap songs are playing… haha no ones the wiser i guess

i guess that the punk music shop is called “Saucer Box”, near Taipower Building MRT Station.
Anyway, yes, rap and hip hop, with their violent outlook (Eminem in primis) have a great impact on young taiwanese imagination. They forget -or ignore- that rap and hip hop has political roots, like punk music. Of course nowadays, rap and hip hop are mainstream genres of music, commercial, popular, broadcasted by MTV or played at radio 25 times a day.
I think that heavy metal or TRUE punk music hardly can develop here in taiwan. Metal and punk grown up easily in Europe and America, expecially in the proletary background, in a “working class” enviroment. (Blink 182, Avril Lavigne, Offsprings and others are NOT punk… they are just other money machines, for silly teenagers hungry of easy emotions and a “rebel” outlook. Like Eminem: it’s just another fake product of the american music industry, supported by MTV, radios, or bored teenagers of the white rich class).
being punk or metalhead, nowadays, means just following another trend. A westerner trend. A new, “rebel” “outrageous” trend, ignoring the social and politic motivations behind the music.
Of course is cool to be punk, metal, hip hop or rappers just for the sake to say “fuck this, fuck that”. But, how many peoples does really care and understand about the lyrics?
here is the link of a web page of one of the most fundamental hardcore band from the '80s, called HERESY

homepages.nyu.edu/~cch223/uk/lyr … toitL.html

I think that punk and metal music is not just an “alternative” way to say “fuck” or to look cool. Punk and metal are the best ways to spread messages (both positives and negatives), thoughts, feelings, ideas, hopinions. I am trying to find some peoples intrested in this kind of music, behind the overlooks and appearances. Just for the music, and the lyrics.
Happy new year to everybody

yea i hope there is some type of message behind punk music… cause i cant understand why someone could be so in love with a genre of music where the guitarist only plays 4 different chords… ever

Oh well, there goes blues, country, pop, reggae, most rock’n’roll…I guess that leaves you only classical and jazz.

Check Tower Record at Ximending, I went to the 2nd floor and they have tons of heavy metals, even death metals.

As far as Taiwanese not into heavy metal, well, back in the early 90s, I had curiosity and bought a few albums of Carcass, I showed the albums (especially Symphonies of Sickness if anyone remembers) to my sister, and she said, what the hell is this? Corpse mixed with pizzas? In reality, the lyrics are 100 times worse than the album cover (I won’t go into details). I got the album back in Canada and interestingly it was banned in USA, forcing them to introduce a more politically correct album cover.

There’re actually a few copies on eBay and you can check the differences

cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi … gory=43636

cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi … tegory=307

[quote=“vincewy”]Check Tower Record at Ximending, I went to the 2nd floor and they have tons of heavy metals, even death metals.[/quote]Not any more they don’t. Tower Records has completely closed down.

Hey! Don’t you go dissin’ country, dog. Country be cool.

I wasn’t dissing country. I was saying that music doesn’t have to involve a 12-chord melody line like avante-jazz in order to be good. Sometimes simpler is better.

I know a girl who loves Eminem, but says she doesn’t dig MC Hotdog because he says to many “bad words.”

Where did this punk rock proletariat myth come from? Maybe some of those early British bands were, but there are hardly any American punk bands who could be considered “working class.” And I’m not referring to Blink 182 or Green Day.

The review of the Fei Records comp in the Taipei Times was garbage. He made some reference to punk as a working class movement, while Taiwanese bands are all middle class kids. What a crock. Punk IS middle class.

Punk rock was invented in mid-'70s NYC by bands in CBGB’s who were mostly art-school dropouts. Well, except for the Ramones, nothing arty about them. So it definitely wasn’t working class. Some of the UK bands like the Sex Pistols were. But not the American punk bands.