Heavyweight boxing: Andy Ruiz upsets Anthony Joshua in NYC

That’s pretty impressive. I’m guessing fishermen would do some of those powerlifting movements in a way.

I finally got around to watching the entire fight. Ruiz came prepared and took care of business. Anthony Joshua didn’t look like he had any plan. Just thought he could come in and take him out. Did not see anything that look like a plan from him. Just purely reacting to Ruiz instead of making Ruiz react to his plan.

Ruiz is getting some disrespect though, what a joke. The man showcased his boxing skills and is a champion now. Pathetic.

The fans in MSG were all in for AJ, or so say news reports. Where else have you seen or read disrespect for Ruiz?

He’s the first boxer of Mexican descent to win a HW world title.

Ok, that’s true. He’s getting disrespect for being Mexican? Or?

I wasn’t replying to andrew0409’s point. I just found it interesting.

I have no idea if Ruiz is being disrespected.

EDIT: He almost certainly is, somewhere on the internet.

Ah, I see. Well, it is interesting. Mexican fighters are some of the best in the world. I’d argue they may be the toughest fighters in the world. My observation, anyway, is that they often absorb more punishment than a fighter should, one with a long term future in life anyway. So it is remarkable that he’s a first.

I think he’s an “easier” target for his body type, but who knows. Quick google didn’t turn anything up.

Mexican fighters are highly respected among boxing fans.

What made the fight even more remarkable is Ruiz won every round, except perhaps the 5th.

I like that you can see the belt lifting a bit of his belly.

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Yeah, the poor schlub, holding his breath (I would, too, if standing next to AJ).

He’s one of those guys who has lots of jelly-like fat just under the skin, the kind that zigs when he zags. Not a thing he can do about it, he just is.

That last photo is fantastic. In a:“THIS ISN’T EVEN MY FINAL FORM YET” way.

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I actually think Espn pulled it font YouTube. Stephen a Smith was calling him butter bean.

Ha, no wonder. That makes perfect sense.



He looks like a teddy bear lol.


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Pretty good analysis of the fight.



I really appreciated that analysis. I’m not into boxing so for me it’s mainly two people going pewpew at each other. It was nice to hear someone explain why a particular pewpew was well executed, why another pewpew was a bad choice etc etc.

Some truly memorable photos from that match.

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How about MMA?

You have pewpews, blamblams, wooshwooshes, shingshings.

There are going to be some great fights coming up. . We have Fury, Wilder, Whyte, and Ruiz. Joshua is still in there but Ruiz has the kind of style that Joshua’s style can’t really deal with. I’m more interested to see Tyson Fury against any of them. Than Ruiz versus Wilder.
How about Ruiz versus Whyte winner versus winner of Fury versus Wilder rematch?
I think Joshua will retire.